Everyone has heard that survival of the fittest is what drives evolution. We have not only heard it but believed it. We now know this is not true, but will have a hard time letting go of the original idea that was nothing more than a disproven theory.

We will probably hang on to it not only because it is an accepted idea that most people believe, but also because it supports a self-serving attitude and egocentric orientation to life. It implies that it is more important to excel and to dominate others than to be cooperative.

But within ourselves there is a soul quality and urge more powerful than personal dominance which impels us to cooperate with others and with our environment. It is now scientifically proven that this soul urge of cooperation is what drives evolution.

We are an aggregate, a community, and unity of being that is sustained by how we contribute to the wholeness we are part of. This makes so much sense because this is what our purpose in life as individuals is all about – the contributions we can make to our families, communities and the world around us.

Cooperation not only assures evolution, but it is necessary for personal enhancement of feeling valuable and fulfilled It is also a primary element in experiencing happiness.

Cooperation is an expression of all three soul qualities – love, intelligence and empowerment.

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For over 30 years Andrew Schneider has worked in the metaphysical field having formally studied Theology, Philosophy, Psychology and Education. He has created and taught many programs for personal growth, soul consciousness, esoteric studies and philosophical counseling in Canada and Europe. He has also taught over 5000 classes, seminars and workshops. Take The Soul Journey at Andrew Schneider’s web site.