Sleep aligned and wake up refreshed with the world's most adjustable pillow

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If you’re spending eight hours a night tossing and turning on a pillow that's too flat or too thick, your mind and body will suffer.

In reality, your unique shape and sleep position should determine your ideal pillow loft for a healthy sleep posture. That's why we designed the pillow that adjusts to you.

Just right
Too high
Too low

With the ability to adjust your Coop pillow to fit you perfectly, you’ll enjoy proper support, comfort, and the best night’s sleep ever.

A pillow that is too high will strain your neck upward, leaving you feeling sore and drained in the morning.

Your neck lacks support if your pillow is too flat. This leads to neck pain, discomfort, and restless nights.

Coop Home Goods Original Pillow
Drift to restful sleep on the Original Pillow
With over 12,000 five-star reviews, the Original has quite the shiny reputation.

Medium-firm and breathable, the Original provides the perfect blend of support and comfort for deep, restful sleep. Just adjust it to fit your unique size and sleep position to start your journey to Destination Dreamland.

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