Cooking classic Spaghetti with Tomato pasta Sauce
Pizza and Pasta have been a favorite foodstuff for millions of people. Though there are plenty of types available for both, most often, people prefer to buy gluten-free options. And guess what now most of us love to buy from the Italian Pasta and pizza kits available online. With brands like Italian Food, you can explore much more than you can ever think of.

Today we’ll share an exciting recipe that you can try on with these readymade Spaghetti kit with Tomato Pasta Sauce. And yes, that is going too far better than going to a restaurant and paying $20 for the meal. , take off your shoes, and step into the kitchen with this instant kit. The best part about their product is that the meal can be prepared in minutes without any extra effort! Now let’s move on to the lip-smacking yet simple recipe.

Ingredients you may need for this fantastic meal are mentioned below:

* Parmesan cheese - 20g
* Pack of Gluten-free spaghetti - 500g
* Tomato pasta Sauce - 500g
* Medium-sized onion - 1
* Garlic cloves - 3
* Fresh Basil (Bunch) - 1
* Olive oil
* Balsamic vinegar or high-quality Red wine - 1 tbsp

Adding all these ingredients will be much fun, and your kids will love it!!

1. Let’s begin with picking the most delicate basil leaves out of the bunch. Bring them onto your regular chopping board. Yes, don’t forget to reserve some tiny basils for perfect garnishing. Chop them roughly along with the stalks.
2. Gently wash and peel the garlic and garlic cloves.
3. Now put a saucepan on the gas stove, followed by medium heat. Add a full spoon of Olive oil into it.
4. Add the chopped onions to it. Let them saute until they turn golden brown. Don’t overcook them.
5. Together with this, put the diced basil leaves, stalks, and garlic cloves. Let them prepare for a minute or two.
6. Now unpack the tomato pasta sauce and add it to the mixture. Stir it gently until the Pasta is thoroughly cooked. (You can even add unchopped garlic cloves if you want).
7. Season the mixture with a pinch of pepper, salt, and vinegar. And now let the spices sizzle with the mix for at least 12-15 minutes.
8. Meanwhile, you can boil the Spaghetti pasta. Well, it is so simple. Fill three-quarters of water into a large boiling pot/pan. Add the Pasta and a pinch of salt. Now, please bring it to the boil.
9. Once you find that the sauce is cooked perfectly, add the boiled Spaghetti into it. You can even follow the instructions as mentioned on the pack for a classic taste.
10. Cook it until it becomes easier to the tooth. It simply means that the Spaghetti should be smooth enough to eat, with a firmness to it.
11. Once you feel that Pasta is entirely done, scoop out the meal, and reserve the water left behind it.
12. Now drain the Spaghetti cooked with Tomato Pasta Sauce with a colander. Let it sink gently and hold the Spaghetti back to the cooking pan.
13. Bring this brilliant yet tasty dish to the bowl/plate. And don’t forget to add a splash of that reserved water onto it.
14. Now, sprinkle those tiny basils onto that swirl of Spaghetti. Add grated cheese over it to add that extra yumminess.

Golden tip - you can even use baby spinach or fresh peas to the tomato pasta sauce to make it more relishing. So this was all about the recipe. Now, if you have been wondering why to invest in these readymade Italian pasta and pizza kits is because even the most classic and delicious meals are no longer rocket science. And you don’t have to spend hours and hours on the tomato sauce. You can even check out their tasty range of Italian Pizza kits online that are straightaway shipped from Italy.

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