Over the time, we have highlighted the benefits of infrared grilling and many chefs have had an emotional connection with this cooking appliance. Though, being an expert in the industry you would prefer smoked meat. Historically, smoking was a way of life in the Paleolithic era. This time there were no better ways to do that than using firewood. Advancements in technology have made it better for us and now there’s no reason to smoke meat like our ancestors did.

Today, we are offering you an alternative way of being a pro chef with an Offset BBQ Smoker. Unlike those traditional smokers, this smoker uses low and slow heat with smoke and moisture to smoke the food which gives it a smoky flavor.

The trick with this BBQ smoker is to smoke with low temperatures for a long time. If you want to infuse that smoky flavor, then you have to at least take two houses at 100o. Though, you should note that there are several other factors that determines the smoking time including the meat size and the cut.

Why offset smokers

Offset smokers are unique and not in the ordinary way but in their own unique way. These appliances are constructed with care to make sure there’s an added smoky flavor on meat while you are cooking. The mistake comes in if you don’t get the heat in the smoker right. If you get heat on the food right, you will enjoy heated foods on its best flavors.

How to use an Offset smoker

With all that said, am sure you now want to try an Offset BBQ smoker. This starts with knowing what you want and eventually researching the market for the best providers. There are many Offset smokers available in the market. According to DiligentChef, the best offset smoker is Dyna-Glo Signature.

Using the Offset BBQ smoker follows the same procedure as the smoker you have right now. This should be easier and at the same time consuming to prepare and get your food smoked. Now let’s dive in to the breakdown of how to use this Offset BBQ smoker.

Understand the smoker

The first thing is to get a smoker that best works for you. This machine is a simple long chamber grill with a fire box on one end and a chimney on the other side. You will create the fire in the smoker box. The food will be placed on the chamber. This means that the food neither will nor cook on direct fire rather it cooks with the heat and the smoke from the firebox. The reason for this is to reduce instances of your food burning and at the same time add some smoky flavor.

Prepare the fuel

It’s now time to dive in, you should be ready with the fuel. Most smokers in the market today use charcoal and wood as the fuel. This is what makes an offset smoker a cheaper option. Before you start, check for the best charcoal in regard to the heating and flavor. The charcoal you choose should be the best and the one that will give you the best heating result. If you have to use wood, make sure the wood is dry and they have the best flavor.

Load your fire

Now it’s time to dive in. To get the best results, you should fill half of the firebox with the charcoal. After the half is lit, now you can transfer some burning charcoal to the other half of the box. After this, open the lid and add some dry firewood and leave the device out to light up.

Control flavor

The chimney is an important aspect of your offset smoker because it’s the one that will heat and smoke your food. It ensures you don’t have bad smoke cooking your food. You should make sure that the chimney is open all the time to allow the bad smell to get out.

Control fire

It’s time to use the dampers to control fire. The dampers are made specifically to help control the level of air getting in which later adds to the fire. If it’s open widely, then it will let in a lot of air that can light up the fire and increase temperatures.

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The other advantage is that they are very easy to clean and sanitize. The good thing is that majority of the versions come with microwavable steam bags and wipes to make the cleaning and sanitizing process easy.