Globally we are facing tough times. But even in the midst of misery, you can have the confidence in knowing that no matter what happens – you can make it! – you will stand!

In order to stay focused and fruitful during life’s rough spots, it is critical to build an infrastructure that will support you through the storms. There are certain choices that you are going to have to make that will greatly affect your outcome. How you respond to your tough times, will determine how you come out and where you’ll end up.

To regain your focus and footing for your ultimate and certain successfulness, please consider employing these simple but effective success steps.


First and foremost, no matter what you are experiencing, you must have an appreciation for the good you have. Avoid the temptation to complain. Connecting to a sense of gratefulness during hard times can seem contrary but by choosing to be thankful, you gain access to a better vantage point to be able to see your possibilities beyond the present problems. Always acknowledge the good in your life – it will attract more goodness.

Set a date to celebrate! Affix a time table to some intermediate goals that you can work toward. Remember to be smart in setting your goals. Be consistent and diligent in applying yourself as your day of celebration approaches.

On the designated day, ponder your progress and do something special for you! Even if you have not accomplished everything that you set out to do, appreciate yourself for what you have done and make a commitment to keep going in the direction of success. By striving to be your best; you are guaranteed to become a better, more appreciative person in the process.


There is a direct correlation to your level of success and the quality of your relationships. To have a successful and fulfilling life, internal confidence is important and interpersonal competence is essential. The best way to improve how you relate to and get along with others, is by working on improving yourself.

Having the internal fortitude to honestly look at the ways that you can change your attitude, your approach and your actions is so empowering.

If you had to choose yourself as a friend, a mate, a colleague or business partner – would you be a good choice? Being truthful about your own strengths and weakness will enable to you accentuate your positive traits and alter the things that are not so nice about you.

It is equally important to encircle yourself with people who bring peace and positive energy. A hallmark of highly successful and powerful people is that they are very discerning about who is permitted access to them. There is intense security and protection around the president. You cannot just walk up to the Queen of England. Even celebrities have layers of protection from people who may do them harm.

Likewise, you should establish some clear criteria for who you grant access to you. By access, I mean who you permit to influence and affect your happiness and harmony. Some people can be so negative that when you see them coming you just want to run in the other direction. Learn how to diplomatically limit the access and audience that you give to people who do not support your success.

I emphatically oppose the adage that counsels us to “keep our enemies closer”. It is completely counter-intuitive to give a “hater” an opportunity to sabotage your success. You may not be able to scream for “Security” when a malcontent approaches but you can and must put up your internal force-field. Do not allow their negative words, opinions and attitudes to penetrate and contaminate your peace or your plan for pervasive prosperity.

Build associations that are mutually positive, they will promote and propel you into your good future.


Your words have creative power. Like the Divine Creator, you can speak into darkness and light will manifest. When you are in a dark moment because of life, career or health challenges you are experiencing, you can illuminate your atmosphere by declaring power-filled words.

What you say will have a great impact on the life you live. Your words are like a thermostat – they actually set your atmosphere. Greatness has been placed within you. Listen to the voice that speaks in your heart that echoes your promised potential.

Agree – Align – Affirm!

No matter what is going on around you, it has the possibility to get better. Make declarations, proclaim your victory, and post affirmations on your walls – the walls of your mind, heart, spirit and yes, your office or bedroom. While brushing your teeth in the morning, read out loud a motivating…I am going to have my best day ever today!!! And mean it. It will happen for you.
Much more is required of you! Your purpose and potential resonates in the Universe.

Affirm your great attributes…I encourage you to make declarative statements about yourself in the following areas….

1. Courageousness
2. Intelligence
3. Compassion
4. Wisdom
5. Fairness
6. Openness to new ideas
7. Integrity
8. Love

For example, every day for more than 30 years, before I begin my day – I affirm and declare that my words and actions will enrich, encourage and empower everyone I encounter. At the end of the day, I am delighted to reflect upon the lives that I have touched and hopefully transformed by having done or said something that inspired their spirit.

As I refresh others with positive words, my garden is also watered. And I am able to be more fruitful.

Much more is also required of me!!!

Consider setting these affirmations in motion in your life. I cannot overemphasize the importance of activating your atmosphere with positive words…

Remember – your words create your reality!

Here are some of my favorite personal affirmations………
• I will have a heart!
• I will believe the best about myself!
• I will use my unique gifts to inspire others with all of my might!
• I will be dedicated to myself, my future and my potential!
• I will reflect upon and be responsible for all that I have been given!
• I will stand up for what’s right!
• I will be rewarded for choosing the right thing!

Author's Bio: 

Val McLeod is an award-winning international certified trainer, speaker, facilitator and freelance writer. A master communicator, Val uses her “Mantle of Motivation” to promote stronger self-confidence and greater success on every level.

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