“When I go, I’m goin’ out in a flash.” That thought just popped into my head, and then I remembered saying it before. Maybe blue-green sparkles dancing around inside the cabin triggered the memory. Or maybe lightning flashing in the black sky and crackling on the wing next to the engine. Maybe because I thought I was gonna die!!

As the plane lurched downward I could see the dark, white capped waters below. Crouching over to reach under my seat for the flotation device I heard a voice in the distance. It said. “Aloha and welcome to the Big Island. We will be deplaning now so please check your seating area for personal belongings. The crew and I thank you for flying with us and we hope you enjoy your stay on our beautiful island.”

Jerking upright in my seat and looking out the window, I saw we were on the ground at the terminal in Hilo airport. With shaking hands I snapped open my seat belt, grabbed my bag from the floor, and bolted for the exit.

Running through the loading ramp and into the upstairs waiting section, I turned towards the lobby, stumbled down the escalator to the baggage area, almost running square into a large aloha shirt!

As I was regaining my balance, a deep base voice came through a big bright smile. “Aloha. Bienvenido! I'm Nidro. You have a good trip bruddah?”

Shaking Nidros outstretched hand, I said. “Very nice shirt. And no, I didn't have a good trip, it was terrible. We almost went down in a big lightning storm just a few minutes ago.”

As I finished babbling that last statement I looked outside the open walled terminal and saw bright sunshine and clear weather. I said. “There’s no storm here?”

“Mahalo on the shirt bruddah. And the weather been jus’ fine, clear skies all over Hawai’i. No storms, no lightning here. Give you one ride somewhere?”

“Um, no thanks. Wait a second… you just said bienvenido to me? That’s Spanish, why would you think I know Spanish?”

Pointing at my duffle bag, Nidro said. “Carry-on tag says Honduras; just a guess.”

“Oh yeah…. About the ride, some of my local friends are supposed to meet me here.” Looking at my watch I thought ‘Am I early, or are they late?’ I started to walk away, and then stopped, turning back to Nidro. I said. “I wondered if maybe they sent you to pick me up?”

“No, not me bruddah, but I can give you one ride.”

“No, no thanks. I appreciate the offer, but I think I'll just wait here.” My mind was feeling very fuzzy and I was having trouble thinking clearly. I just stood there unable to move.

Nidros deep voice came through the fog. He said. “You okay brah?”

Shaking my head a bit I stammered. “Um, yeah, I’m fine, I think.” I pointed across the lobby. “Maybe I’ll walk around a bit, or… or I guess I'll go and sit on the bench out there by the drive-up.” Starting to walk toward the drive area I stopped again and turned back toward Nidro. I said. “Thanks again Nidro. Thanks for the offer.”

“Okay Arcee, no worries. I be around if you need.”

Looking back over my shoulder I said. “Okay, thanks.”

Walking across the lobby to the drive area my legs were feeling pretty shaky, but my mind had started to clear a little. I began thinking about how local Nidro was with his pidgin talk, when it struck me. Turning back toward the lobby I called out. “Hey Nidro, how do you know my name?”

Giving me another one of his big broad smiles, and then tapping on his shirt pocket, Nidro tilted his head to the side. In my still foggy mind state I looked at his pocket. As the fog cleared a little bit more, I shook my head, and looked down at my own shirt pocket. Then I saw the ticket holder with my name on the outside, and I remembered printing out my name for a lady in the airport when we were exchanging names and numbers.
“Oh yeah… thanks.”

Smiling again, Nidro waved his hand giving me the okay with the island shaka sign.

I got to the bench out by the curb feeling a little woozy. Looking back into the terminal waiting area before sitting down, I realized it was empty. Obviously no one got off the plane after I did. As I was turning to sit down on the bench I could see the parking lot was almost empty too.

The only car in the whole place was a taxi just down the curb a little, with Nidro sitting on the bench nearby. Now I was really feeling strange, my legs were going weak, and I plopped down on the bench.

After taking a few deep breaths to calm myself, I turned to look at Nidro and he smiled. “Hey bruddah, you sure you no need one ride?”

Standing up on my unsteady legs I began walking towards Nidro. “Yeah I guess I do need a ride, somehow I don’t think my friends are going to show up.” Leaning against Nidros car to steady myself a bit, I said. “But what I need most, is for someone to tell me just what is going on here.”

Getting up from his bench Nidro gave me another one of those big Hawaiian smiles. He said. “Sure ting bruddah, get in and Nidro tell you.”

Taking my carry-on, Nidro opened the taxi’s trunk and put it inside as I crawled in on the passenger side. Sliding in behind the wheel Nidro said. “Where you wun go? You got some place special in mind?”
“Well, I guess so. Can you take me to Ken’s? You know, the House of Pancakes?” Leaning forward a bit to touch the dashboard I looked at Nidro. I said. “But first I want to know what's going on, please.”

Reaching for the key Nidro started the car, pulled it into gear, and we rolled away from the terminal. “Sure ting brah; Ken’s it is then.”

Feeling a slight twinge of panic, I said. "Wait a minute Nidro, I thought you were going to tell me what’s going on here?"

Smiling and driving, Nidro turned his head toward me. He said. “Oh for sure I will Arcee, but we be going Ken’s first. When we get to Ken’s, we talk-story. Okay brah?”

By this time I was feeling really, really, woozy, so closing my eyes and leaning back in the seat to rest for just a second, I….

2: 1
Filtering through the haze filling my mind, came a deep base voice. Slowly realizing the voice was Nidros, I could hear it again as he was shutting his door and walking around to my side of the car. “Okay bruddah, we here.” Standing right next to my door Nidro spoke again and this time his voice boomed through the open window. “Come on brah, we talk-story inside.”

Jerking upright in the seat and popping open the door I got out to lean on the fender and steady my legs. Nidro began walking toward the restaurant entrance and I wobbled along behind him. Inside Ken’s, after crossing through the crowded lobby, Nidro turned to the right into an empty dining room.

Leading the way, Nidro crossed the room between the empty tables; we went to the street side and sat in a booth by the windows.

Leaning forward to look at my face Nidro squinted a little. He said. “You okay bruddah? You face look pale, even for one haole tourist kind person.”

Managing a weak smile, I turned to look at the door to the dining room. I said. “Shouldn’t we be sitting out there, with all those people, and with the hostess?”

Nidro shook his head. He said. “It’s okay, no worries about those people, they don't even know we here.”

Feeling tense and uneasy I leaned forward on my seat. I said. “Well I know we’re here, and I want to know what's going on.”

“No problem Arcee. Nidro glad to help.” Nidro leaned back and took a deep breath. He said. “Do you remember the airplane, and the lightning storm?”

Rocking back in the booth I almost shouted. “Yes, of course I remember the lightning, and the dark waves, and the plane diving. We were gonna crash and burn!”

Leaning forward again, Nidro said. “Well, that no lightning storm bruddah, that was the beginning.”

Suddenly feeling aggravated I hunched onto the table toward Nidro and growled. “Beginning! Beginning of what?” Waving my hand toward the middle of the room I said. “And what are we doing here?”

Sitting up to square his broad shoulders, Nidro took a short deep breath. Then he said. “Beginning of a Crossover, and this is the middle.”

Author's Bio: 

Ordin Ashlie PhD: Ordin is trained in a broad mix of the holistic healing arts. His credentials include: PhD in Nutrition; Doctor of Naturopathy (Board Certified); Homeopathic Practitioner; Master Herbalist; Reiki Master; and Certified Feng Shui practitioner.

For many years Ordin successfully operated a Holistic Healing Center in Florida where he positively impacted the lives of hundreds of people by helping them improve their health. Also, through his efforts and his example, many aspiring healers were introduced to the concepts and principles of traditional Naturopathy. In meeting the needs of others Ordin found his pathway to universal knowledge.

This pursuit of wisdom and his passion for subtle energy knowledge led him to move to the Big Island of Hawai’i in 2001 where he was privileged to study with Hawaiian kupuna. His interests have now led him to his new home on the Caribbean coast of Honduras.