The awkward silence is everyone's worst enemy, especially during a party. So want to know some conversation ice breakers? What? You don't know what these are? Well, I guess it's a good thing I caught up with you before you have to leave for a night out with your friends.

To start with, conversation ice breakers are topics that are safe to talk about, not overly personal and quite interesting as well. These can basically make or break a connection with another person. Read on to find out just what they are!

Conversation Ice Breaker # 1: A Person's Outfit

The easiest way to start a conversation is to comment on a person's outfit or accessories. And when I say comment, I mean saying something nice. If you're talking to a girl, you can say, "Nice earrings," and if you're talking to a guy, you can say, "Cool sneakers."

Regardless of who you're talking to, they'll probably thank you for the comment and then go on to say where they got that particular item (or you could ask them) or they'll say something nice about you in return.

When that happens, you've gotten the conversation going. Whether you talk about shops or fashion for the rest of the night or switch to a new topic is up to you. The important thing is that the dialogue has begun.

Conversation Ice Breaker # 2: A Simple Hello

Sometimes, the best conversation ice breakers are the simplest. A hello, for instance, has been known to work wonders for almost everybody.

Think about the people who greet their neighbors "howdy" or "good morning." That simple greeting is usually followed by a "how are you" or a "how are the kids?"

Before you know it, you're talking about the latest basketball game and which team you think is going to win.

Conversation Ice Breaker # 3: Common Friends

This works best when you're at a party where people are sure to have common friends. Talking about the host or the hostess can easily lead to where you went to school, what course you took, what you're doing now, etc. There's no end to how far you can stretch the conversation along.

Conversation ice breakers are a person's best friend. You don't have to be a great communicator to be able to use them. In fact, they were created specifically to help people (who aren't exactly smooth operators) make friends and start conversations. Anyone can do this and succeed.

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