Getting angry or irritated at times is a common phenomenon, but what if you are experiencing sudden dramatic changes in emotions for no reason, It is disturbing. In one moment you may be feeling elated or happy and then suddenly you get frustrated or angry for no reason. Most women's experience this shift in mood known as ‘mood swings’. A few common causes responsible for mood swings in womens are:

Premenstrual Syndrome: PMS or premenstrual syndrome is a group of symptoms that occur in womens at least 7 to 14 days prior to menstruation. PMS does cause womens mood swing but it also causes bloating, changes in appetite, fatigue, and depression. The severity of these symptoms may vary in womens. Sometimes it improves with age and sometimes it gets worse. Nearly ninety percent of womens experience it. The reason for PMS symptoms is still not clear and researchers suspect that it happens because of the shift in the hormone 'estrogen'. The estrogen levels fall or rise dramatically which causes mood swings.

· Stress: Stress impacts the body in numerous ways. Constant stress leads to frustration and worry. It can lead to many psychological problems apart from mood swings.
· Hormone imbalance: Estrogen plays an important role in PMS, but other hormones can affect the mood of a person as well.
· Menopause: Menopause is another major transition in a women’s life. The levels of estrogen fall during menopause and it causes insomnia, hot flashes, and mood swings. To ease the low-estrogen phase many doctors prescribe natural stress relief supplements or drugs to womens to ease the changes in mood.

Control mood swings using a healthy alternative:

For controlling mood swings doctors may prescribe some supplements. For example, PMS support supplements and stress relieving supplements are prescribed to womens who face severe changes in mood. Still, taking supplements or drugs is the last thing one would like to do because these come with side effects. Womens need some natural alternatives to treat mood swings.

Thanks to the vitamin vape which is more effective than ingesting a tablet, capsule or taking a food supplement. Inhaling vitamins is beneficial in a number of ways.

· Firstly, vaping vitamins help to ease mood swings.
· Secondly, the body absorbs more vitamins when these are inhaled instead of being ingested.
· Thirdly, it is a healthier alternative for those who smoke cigarettes.

A healthier trend to treat mood swings- Vaping vitamins
Inhaling vitamin air is a whole new trend of obtaining your daily vitamin doses. You can choose from a number of flavors to get active doses of vitamins which will meet your vitamin deficiencies, soothe your mind and eliminate mood swings. It relaxes the body and is infused with vitamin B6 which promotes healthy brain function.

Vaping vitamins- Better than smoking
A vitamin diffuser is not just the answer to control mood swings in womens, but it offers many other benefits. It has vitamin B12 vapor which is completely non-toxic and absorbed by the body as soon as it is inhaled. There is no tobacco or nicotine concentration in vitamin diffusers. So, those who have a habit of smoking when they are stressed will actually be able to replace tobacco air with vitamin air. Moreover, smoking leads to more stress and mood swings whereas vaping has its own potential benefits. It is absolutely safe and easy to use.

Vita Babe – Balance – watermelon (An ideal way to control mood swings)

For womens, Vita Babe is a perfect vaping solution to manage their mood. It improves feminine energy, has added vitamin B12 and infused with vitamin B6. The fruity flavor of this vape is mesmerizing to one’s soul. It has a blend of chaste tree berry and rose flower which not only tastes great but treats PMS symptoms, nausea, promotes a healthy immune system and relaxes the body. It is also simple to use and cool to carry.

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