With multiple features, the Bayer Contour Next Test Strips blood glucose meter is a blood glucose monitoring system suitable for everyone. Its results are very precise and its use does not cause any problems even for novice users.

Overview of the Contour next blood glucose meter
The Bayer Contour next glucose meter is equipped with “No Coding” technology which eliminates the need for the user to calibrate it each time new batches of strips are used. It quickly measures the blood sugar level as soon as the test strip is inserted. The blood sample to be analyzed can be venous or capillary. With its very large memory capacity, it is possible to know the results dating back several weeks. Its large interface allows the optimal display of results, even for people with eye problems.

Our opinion on the Bayer Contour next reader

The care of
Relatively larger, the grip of the Bayer Contour next reader is quite difficult for small hands. But its weight is light enough to take it anywhere. In addition, the large size of the device is justified by the large dimensions of the screen. Below the screen, you can find the 3 keys required for setting. The buttons are large enough for proper handling of the device.

The Bayer Contour Next Test Strips blood glucose meter is very easy to use. It works thanks to 2 lithium batteries of 3 V. Even if it is for first use, we quickly find our marks. If the keys allow us to easily configure the reader, the screen is very large and displays other practical indications. We manage to set the date and the hours, to consult the results of the last tests, etc. In addition, the technology that equips the device frees us from a calibration process. As long as a Contour Next strip is used, the blood glucose meter can still be used.

The lancing device is used to collect the amount of blood needed for the test. It should be noted, however, that there are no adjustments to the depth of penetration. Hence the sample can be painful for sensitive people. However, the sample can be taken from a finger as well as from the veins. When the blood is deposited on the strip, it is immediately ready for analysis by the meter.

Display of results
The introduction of the test strip inside the slot of the reader does not require any specific manipulation. Indeed, this is done instinctively and without great difficulty. The analysis time is around 5 seconds, which is rather fast for a device of its calibre. The results are displayed directly on the large LCD screen of the meter. Even the visually impaired will easily be able to know the level of glucose in their blood with this display.

The other characteristics
The large memory capacity of the meter allows you to store a maximum of data concerning blood sugar. In addition, it is possible to transfer data to a computer for unlimited memory. This also frees us from the use of a notebook to follow up.

On the device interface, there are several indications such as date and time. But what is very interesting is that we can see meal markers: a full apple logo for the before meal marker and a bitten apple logo for the after-meal marker.

For those who tend to forget to take their test, the device offers 3 types of audible alarms. It will also turn on automatically and send 20 beeps to remind you of the blood sugar test.

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