Trees can be a very beautiful and useful part of a home's landscaping. Not only do they add an attractive look to the yard, but they also provide comfortable shade and sometimes even fruits and nuts. Trees can also add a substantial amount of value to your home. When choosing trees for your yard, feng shui principles can be used not only to choose the best varieties of trees, but they can also help you find the perfect location for them in the landscaping surrounding your home.

Enhance Your Home's Positive Energy with Trees
Trees can be used to enhance the positive energy around your home, as well as to block negative energy forces. When planting trees around your home, be sure that you plant them far enough away so that they cannot physically touch your home, even after they are fully grown. This is because when the limbs of a tree touch a house, they tend to transfer negative energy into your home. Instead, plant trees in a position that will allow them to shield your home from negative energy. They can be used to block an unpleasant view, and to minimize any negative energy caused by the road around your home. If you plant trees around the edges of your property, they can shield your home from negative energy while helping to retain positive energy. This can be especially helpful along any edge of your yard that is lower than the rest of the property. You'll also not want to plant a very large tree close to the entrance of your home, as this could at least partially prevent positive energy from entering your home.

Choosing a Tree Variety
There are many different kinds of trees from which to choose, but some trees are more beneficial than others and have special meanings in feng shui. For example, flowering trees are thought to bring rewards to a person's life, while orange or lime trees can encourage wealth. If you want to promote good relationships, plant some apple trees. Peach trees, especially when planted in the west, can increase your family's happiness and bring your children good luck. If you're searching for love, consider planting a pomegranate tree. Pine trees in your yard, especially when planted to the east, can bring you a long life. If you want the best of all possible luck in regards to opportunity and prosperity, plant a bamboo tree, especially to the east or left side of your property.

Tips for Good Tree Feng Shui
Regardless of the kind of tree you choose, there are some overall tips you can follow to get the most out of your trees. If a tree shades your home too much, you should prune it to allow some of the sun's energy to reach your home. You should always be sure to keep your trees in good health, and trim any dead branches because they can drain the energy from your home. You should also not plant trees in the center of your property, or in the southwest or northeast corners, because this could cause financial, relationship or educational problems. The goal is to utilize trees to enhance your home's positive energy, without allowing the trees to drain any of this positive energy away from your home.

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