In today’s demanding and stressful world, self-care is becoming quite the priority. Somewhat of a new concept, a blow-dry bar has become popular in most metropolitan areas. A bunch of them are now available for women to visit. The basic idea behind a blow dry bar is evident in its name; no cutting, no coloring, just blow-drying. A blow dry bar is a hair salon that will offer you washing, blow-drying, and hairstyling.
Expectations – Everything You Should Be Thinking Before the Appointment
A blow dry bar is sometimes crazy busy, so you will need to book your appointment in advance to avoid any inconvenience. Since you are taking the time to book an appointment, make sure you decide beforehand what kind of hairstyle you need. Some basic styles of any run-of-the-mill stylebook are:

  • The Manhattan
  • Cosmo-Tai
  • Dirty Martini
  • Straight Up
  • Mai Tai

You will be in out in no time when you go in with a hairstyle already selected.

Your stylist will first wash your hair. They might ask you if you have any shampoo preferences. Remember, you know your hair better than anybody. And your stylist will not always be an expert on hair types; they might have experience with knowing what works best with what. So, be sure to go prepared. If you have been randomly choosing your shampoo, do some research or ask what your hair needs.

You can also instruct them on how to wash your hair – if you have any preferences. They might even have hair products you like! Don’t forget to ask them.
Things On Your Mind During the Appointment
You will be taken to the styling station. Just like any other visit to any different kind of salon, your stylist will start their work. Occasional chatter is to be expected – nothing you wouldn’t like, of course. They might ask if you are feeling any discomfort or if they can use a particular product on your hair. Be sure to speak up, it is not that people will judge you if you want to be left alone with your thoughts but communicating with your stylist will help you both.

If you have any hair sensitivities, these are the products that will be used:

  • Some spray for volumizing
  • Mousse
  • Cream for hair straightening
  • Hair gel

Another thing you need to bear in mind is that stylists at blow-dry bars are always on rotation, probably because they have other jobs at full-fledged salons. If you learn to like a particular, get their number, so you visit whenever they are present.

Your hairstyle will last depending on your activities and environment. If all things are constant, bad weather not being part of the equation, you can carry your hair for at least two days – max three. Most people may find these blow dry bars too luxurious, while others consider their services necessary self-care. Much like facials and other skin treatments, it is your call to determine whether you should go for a blow-dry bar in Austin or not.

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