The wholesale products of the United States are considered to be the best in quality. This is due to the extra emphasis given by USA wholesale traders on quality while sourcing their wholesale manufacturing to the low cost countries like China and third world countries like India. Complications like duty charging and confiscation of goods are a big headache for American importers. To avoid any such problems and make the USA import trade friendly, American wholesalers should take some essential steps and useful tips into consideration. What are these import considerations? Let’s discuss them.

1. In the USA, importers of wholesale products don’t require a license to operate. They only need a business tax number. This number is used in all the documentation required. So, America importers before plunging into import trade should make sure they have valid business tax number.

2. Dairy products, medication and some other wholesale products which are related to either food or head, if and when imported, require a permission letter from the USA government agencies authorized for this purpose. If you want to deal in these products you should arrange for the government permission letter first.

3. American importers should visit their local embassies to know if there are other players importing same products and what is the actual demand of the goods in their local markets which they intend to import. This saves them from incurring heavy losses later on.

4. As a USA wholesale importer, one should avoid dealing in prohibited goods as it is an illegal. Make sure you are abiding by all the rules, regulations and laws of the USA in operation related to import of wholesale products. Make sure registration requirements and other tax department requirements have been fully met.

5. Harmonized tariff schedule of United States contains all the products and lets you know if these products are duty free or not. Before importing, wholesalers should check if their imported products are duty free or not. If importers import on regular basis, it’s better for them to purchase a small version of this list and maintain use for future references.

6. Three types of duties are charged on the imported goods in the United States. Ad valorem tax, Specific and compound duties have different rates. When wholesale products are imported from the countries with which trade agreement has been made by the USA government, duty amount is less because it is charged on confessional rates. Importers should be well aware of these three duties and the discount facility available to them.

7. An American importer should be well aware of the tax rates charged on his wholesale lot. He can find them in the HTS. He should know which documents are required for safe delivery.

8. Wholesalers in the USA should make sure they are importing the products that are worth something in the USA consumer market. They should be high in quality to meet the standards of the USA wholesale products.

9. In the USA import is done by opening a letter of credit. You should go for one as this is a hassle free process and also the payment by the means of bank is the most secure mode of payment. Besides that, it covers your financial risk as a bank behind the supplier is giving his financial guarantee that he will return your money if goods are not according to specifications.

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William King is the director of USA Wholesalers, Wholesale and USA Wholesale. He has 18 years of experience in the marketing and trading industries and has been helping retailers and startups with their product sourcing, promotion, marketing and supply chain requirements.