Kitchen renovation is not as simple as many people think. Some simple YouTube videos are not enough to get you started the right way. You can view the YouTube videos and gather some ideas about kitchen renovation. However, if you are looking for a renovation project that targets specific renovation ideas like installing white shaker kitchen cabinets, you will need to research further.

Luckily, we’re here with ideas of how to get started the right way.

Consider the size of your kitchen

Well, the videos or magazine photos of unique kitchen cabinets that you are viewing online Are not an actual representation of how your kitchen will look like if you try those ideas. You must consider the size of your kitchen against the intended cabinetry idea. People with smaller kitchen spaces can use white shaker kitchen cabinets to create a perception of bigger floor space in their kitchens. The combination of white and shaker cabinetry is unique because both elements are great for creating more space in the kitchen.

Duration of the renovation

Renovation is not a day’s job as you may think. A simple installation of the cabinetry may take longer than a week to be completed. This is because the process starts from ordering the cabinets to installation. Therefore, you need to account for the time that you will be spending during the renovation.


The decision that you will be making during the renovation project depends on the amount of light that you have. The kind of color and design of the cabinets should reflect the overall lighting system. If you don’t have enough light, you can use white shaker kitchen cabinets to enhance your kitchen’s lighting. However, a well-lit kitchen can use other cabinetry colors.

Existing theme and style

If you are not performing a whole kitchen renovation, you might want to consider the existing theme and style of your kitchen. It needs to blend with the intended design. Here, you can consult an interior designer to share ideas of the options that you have to give your kitchen a good look.


Finally, you must consider the budget that you have set aside for the renovation project. Your budget will determine the scope of your renovation. Since many homeowners always work on a tight budget, installing white shaker kitchen cabinets is a great idea that could save you a lot of money.

These are the top factors of consideration. Always keep them in mind when planning your kitchen renovation.

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