Often when you read an article, see an advertisement, or hear some news or predictions based around 'Armageddon or Conspiracy speak' it often seems so far out that it de-credits any possible truth or relevancy the news might have for you.

Then on the other hand, if you were to step back, and look at actual real events that have happened, which years later after their occurrence might seem minuscule, but ask yourself, "what would reaction be to this event if it was predicted twenty years prior", the answer would often be "a disbelief of occurrence."

The reason I am sharing this article with you is to help decipher through fear, reality, and a whole bunch of emotional triggering that goes on constantly through many avenues of media.

There is this very powerful tool called conditioning. Where certain events occur or are enacted in a gradual succession all leading up to an expected or predetermined goal in a way to gain easier acceptance and belief by the public.

Conditioning can be natural or manipulated.

Am I actually saying some of these events have been manufactured or at least manipulated? Sure. Look at history. Sports games have been fixed or manipulated. Currencies and commodities have been manipulated. Communication such as news media reports are biased and have been manipulated. And so on, and so on.

The degree's and caliber of manipulation differ based on past, current and future circumstances. It all falls in line like a well planed marketing campaign.

Many people are calling now for a world financial collapse, a devaluation and eventually destruction of the US dollar. Mass hyper inflation, soaring commodity prices, gas prices in the $7 to $10 per gallon ranges (that's what they are paying through most of Europe), looting and fighting in the streets with mass food shortages and more.

Let's take a look at some historical events. In no way am I making any claims that any of the following events have been manipulated (there are enough sites on the web which will do just that), I am only posting these so you can see how series of events, in just the last few years might have conditioned peoples perception of future events to come.

* The Great Depression

* In 1967 the British Currency devalued by 14% overnight

* In 1975 inflation in Britain skyrocketed 26.9% in a single year

* The late 1970′s "winter of discontent" where the government put a freeze on wages

* The Enron Scandal where investors lost some $74 billion dollars

* The Madoff Ponzi scheme and the milking of billions and billions more

* The worlds largest banks, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac going bankrupt

* GM facing bankruptcy and US tax payers quickly becoming reluctant shareholders

* 911 killing thousands seeing some of the US's most symbolic buildings being destroyed

* Hurricane Katrina changing the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, leaving people without necessities of life for days and weeks, up rooting families, people being held up in a stadium for days to be exported out via buses

* A tsunami in Indonesia killing thousands changing landscapes

* A Haitian earthquake doing unimaginable damage

* Cultural brands closing their doors like Circuit City

* A government take over of health care and food production and distribution systems in the same year

*...And many more examples

So what I want you to see is how some things which might be deemed improbable or impossible, just could happen, and use what history has shown us to be aware and prepare for yours and your families security.

Here are 4 simple tips you might want to act on.

* Keep at least 72 hours, optimally at least 2 weeks worth of food and water on hand

* Keep a 72 hour emergency kit on hand

* Consider turning some of your dollars into commodities such as gold and silver, and keep extra cash on hand at home


What are very simple and inexpensive options of security can make a dramatic change in your future often go ignored or passed off as "that can't happen to me".

Author's Bio: 

Robert Kress RPh CCN, an independent researcher and author on health, sovereign wealth, and preparedness can be found online at his website, http://www.awareandprepare.com, which he co-write with his wife Amy. You can find out more Self Sufficient and Sustainable Awareness and Preparedness Solutions for Everyday People as well as to sign up for your free How To Flourish In Any Emergency report, visit the Aware and Prepare website