Composting is a wonderful to recycle, help the environment, and very importantly improve the quality of your soil and plants.

Compost helps to break up heavy clay, and improves water retention on sandy/ gritty soils.

A suitable container for composting can be very easy to find. If you are good at DIY it will be easy to construct a suitable composting environment from old wood, or pallets. These items can quite often be located for free, or a small cost. If you have the space it is very beneficial to have two composting bins. That way one can be used for fresh materials and the other for more mature compost.

Ready made bins are available from a large number of suppliers. Before purchasing however, do check with your local council to see if they offer composting bins. Many councils offer a good discount, so it well worth finding out if this applies in your area.

Having a cover for the bin is very important. A close fitting cover will help to keep out pests, and in reducing any odours. Your composting will be much more efficient by keeping the heat in and rain out.

Having found your composting container, we now need a suitable location to place them. Even the smallest garden should have somewhere suitable. Make sure that you have easy access to their location, for both, emptying and adding new materials. Remember if you plan on making large quantities of compost, access by a wheelbarrow will help immensely in transporting your finished compost around your garden.


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