Many women have an obsession with their lips until some are contemplating having lip injections to make them fuller. It is not all about injections that can make lips fuller, but non-surgical lip plumpers have pretty impressive results. There are simple tips that will help you achieve fake fuller lips that you desperately search. Think of how you can use all the non-surgical lip plumping methods without going all the way to injectable that may disfigure and harm you. Pick or choose one that gives you a beautiful pout. To crown, it all choose the right color too if you want to do your lips like Angelina Jolie's. Not all women are born with plump and smooth lips they need tips and tricks to make their lips pout.

Dry and chapped lips encourage lip picking. It is an awful habit that you can rid yourself. If the skin picking habit persists, then seek a therapist attention. Probably you might have a skin picking disorder. Picking the lips doesn't make them healthier rather rough and ugly. Exfoliation keeps your lips moisturized and supple. You will not feel the urge to pick them anymore. Exfoliation removes the dead skin that builds up around the lip area that makes your lips dry.

Coat the lips with Vaseline or lip balm before exfoliating to prevent bleeding or damage to the lip skin. Exfoliating tools include a toothbrush, sugar or olive oil. Too much exfoliation can damage your lips moisturize with your favorite lip balm. Look for an emollient lip balm to condition your lips which has the following primary ingredients; jojoba oil, rosehip oil, avocado oil, Shea butter or cocoa butter.

The Lip Concealer is used to achieve the ombre effect as such it is the turning point. A concealer depicts a creamy and blend-able appearance. The lip concealer erases the natural lip color to any skin tone, so that lip color of choice will be true to color when you apply it. It is possible to wear it on its own flawlessly to the edge on lips for a smoother look.

Line and blend
Lip lining and blending exercise are very tricky. You have to choose colors lighter than your lipstick and your natural lip color. Select versatile shades of lip liner colors. Colors also go with lipstick preferences. The best of it all is that you can wipe makeup and try an entirely different tone. You can experiment over and over until you get the best shade. The rule for using a lip liner is that is it lighter than the lipstick.

Start the process by getting a pencil that is lighter than your skin tone. Slightly overdraw the lips, and in its place following the line of the Cupid’s bow, then you draw a line straight across the top of the lips. Blend the darker liner into the obscured part of the lips to complete the ombré effect. Pairing these tricks gives that full pout.

When you want your lips to look pouty, fake a highlight on the lip. Take a white pencil and apply high point highlights first into the bow than deliberately on the lower lip in the middle. Put a gloss on top of it to make it look huge. It’s a complicated process, but blending it a bit.

Highlight & Contour
Contouring the lips blends and smoothen it. Apply a light eyeshadow or highlighter above the Cupid's bow and contouring powder below the center of the bottom lip. This will give that pretty look. Using a brush or your fingertip to press a cream highlighter into the center of the lower lip contributes to lip fullness with lip plumpers.

Glossing your lips is one last step in achieving full pout. You can use gloss or lipstick, in your preferred color. A sheer gloss gets the most out of your contour making your lips kissable and prettier. The sheer lets more of the ombré come out, and the glossiness reflects light making the lips look even bigger.

Revolutionizing the way your lips look is not confined solely to injecting them with lip fillers. Follow the simple tricks to have fuller lips as described above. These skills will help you achieve cheaper and safer fuller lips. Use the resources within your reach to improve your lips. When on the other hand, one method may not work for you, but you can try all of them until you settle on the best. All in all, ditch the chemicals for lip plumping and surgeries that may result to botch. You can have lips that are fuller and decidedly more illuminated. Highlighters, moisturizers, and clear gloss are all you need to look lovely remember lip plumping is now a universal story in the runway.


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