Social media marketing is no piece of cake. It is a serious proposition because it involves the development of the brand persona. Not anyone, who knows the Internet, can really handle it. This is perhaps the reason why small and medium businesses are liberally spending on social media marketing services in Australia. Social media marketing should ideally be backed by plans as seriously crafted for any other business area.

What are the Most Common Myths about Social Media Marketing?

There still are businesses that actually believe that anyone who is aware of the existence of YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram can "handle" their social media presence. Major misconception! In reality, as mentioned above, social media marketing is all about building the brand persona that can definitely not be created in a day. It requires carefully crafted plans to earn the loyalty of netizens. Businesses ideally should rope in social media specialists for the job instead of just anyone who’s on all social media channels. Documented below are a few myths about social media marketing that every business out there should be aware of and steer clear of at the same time.

Anyone Can Do Social Media Marketing

Social media is definitely a serious proposition – a rewarding promotional vehicle if used properly. However, it should be noted that not all platforms are equally valuable for all businesses out there. Entrepreneurs really need not panic if their marketing team is focusing on four to five channels ignoring the rest. Apps should be chosen as per the demographics, usability and compatibility with other business strategies. Three or four social media channels should ideally keep businesses sorted.

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Social Media Marketing is Free

This belief, of course, stems from another belief that a social media profile can be managed by anyone who is aware of the basics of platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The reality is – businesses can always end up creating profiles on popular platforms like Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter for free. However, marketing itself should entail some monetary value required for the time spent here and for the implementation of an online social media strategy.

So though creating a profile can be done for free but social media marketing in its truest sense cannot really be done for free. There are companies that specialise in various aspects of online marketing including Social Media Optimization, Search Engine Optimization and Graphic Designing Services in Australia. Companies interested in establishing their social media presence should get in touch with a reputed firm after conducting a thorough background search of multiple companies initially.

Businesses Can Never Really Measure the Benefits of Social Media

Contrary to popular belief, social media benefits are not immeasurable. They are definitely not. There are several (actually a lot of them) analytical tools made available online that can help businesses identify potential areas of strength (which posts have attracted the maximum number of likes, comments etc.), areas of weaknesses (which posts have not been able to garner desired attention) and tweak strategies in accordance.

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