Marriage is not a constant happiness. Common marriage problems can happen anytime with no warning.

Life for couples on the first part of marriage is intimate and almost close to perfect, but things will change as time goes by, bad habits and personalities will all be revealed. The different attitudes, personalities, flaws, and bad habits are not all a secret but it will be a part of the marriage. On the other hand, as time goes by, we change for the better in the relationship and unconsciously change as well even at the worst times. At some point in the relationship, there are times that we are unaware that we become selfish, immature, impatient and careless, and all these must be recognized and should be worked out for change.
Common marriage problems are too many to count. The problems can be as numerous as the people living in the world. This is so common to married life since two different people with different interest and personalities come together to live as one.

These are the following problems that a husband and wife can face:

1. Misunderstanding. Communication problem is one of the reasons why argument happens in marriage. One doesn’t clearly understand the thoughts he’s been telling to his partner and vice versa The couples have different ideas, predicaments, and views and even the need for listening is disregarded.

2. Relationship problems with in-laws.There are couples who still stay on the house of the parents of either the husband or wife after marriage while saving up money in building their own home. This also considered a problem at some point because sometimes, parents are becoming so supportive of the couples to the point of making decisions for them. Your in-laws may even be so intrusive when you have children with you. They act like parents too and the couple feels like they cannot decide independently especially when parents scold them of not taking good care of their child. There are in-laws as well who just don't care whatever decisions you and your family decide.They do not give time to talk with you as a family.

3. Financial Problem. Financial problem is also a big problem for the couples especially when one has no work and the other one is earning but not enough to sustain family's needs. Some problems that need money include foods, daily supplies, water and electricity bill, house rent, etc.

4. Priority conflicts. Some couples both work full time 7 days straight to earn a living, and problems with spending quality time together or to their children is one source of conflict. Stress from work that makes them forget that they have a husband or wife and children to spend quality time with.When time is ask of you from your partner and children and you cannot give it, argument can happen.

5. Sex Problem. Stress from work, lack of time and less communication can contribute to loss of interest in having sexual connection together. Unable to catch perfect time can also lead to sex problem. Making love should be perfectly done as when both are relaxed and got nothing to do for a night.

6. Problems with indifferences. They did not decide to marry because they are so similar in everything; couples have differences too that are revealed during the marriage life. Your spouse wants to eat and you are going on a diet. They can differ on how they spend their weekend, one likes movie marathon and the other one loves baking. Partners can also differ in personality, he likes to listen and she likes to talk more

Common marriage problems that can challenge husbands and wives are all but normal and can be dealt with. Despite that, they can actually complement each other and learning what should be disregarded and corrected.However, at the end of the day, they should all realize that the most important and essential things that are of help to hold a marriage together are common values, common vision, and common passions.If your relationship is hindered by your differences, it is best to work on it for a better change. Remember, working out the differences and work to meet halfway can allow growth in the relationship.

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