A boiler is among the most useful appliances in a home. There are different types of boilers, but electric ones are the most popular in homes. In as much as they offer the convenience of hot water around a home, they are prone to developing issues and becoming potentially dangerous when left unattended.

Properly maintaining your boiler is the best way to keep it in good shape and free from problems. But if you are already facing an issue with the boiler, you should check whether it is something you can easily handle or call in an expert to offer the necessary repair services.

Low water pressure – it is a common issue for most boilers. Whereas all boilers lose pressure gradually as they age, a sudden drop indicates an issue in your unit. If your boiler has a monitor, it will be easy for you to notice the pressure drop and receive an error code. Low water pressure can result from system leaks and pressure valves needing replacing, or it can also result from recently bleeding radiators or faulty pump. If you suspect a leak, it is best to call boiler repair services. Heating maintenance London service providers offer very good and reliable services thanks to their expertise.

Ignition problems – This issue is common with Vaillant boilers and will leave you with no hot water. On turning the central heating or your hot water tap, it is passed through a pipe set over a flame which heats the water. When this flame is absent, no heating occurs. The ignition may fail due to no gas supply, frozen condensate pipe, or defective ignition leads. You will only need to contact your supplier for a refill for the gas supply issue. For the frozen pipe, you can decide to thaw on your own or call in a professional. But for defective ignition leads or electrodes, you require the services of Vaillant boiler repair London experts.

No hot water – The boiler issue can result from broken diaphragms, airlocks, low water levels, or motorized valve failure. If you still have no heat even after working on water levels, it is time to call in an engineer to help you fix the boiler.

Whistling and banging – The most common cause of gurgling noises, bangs, and whistles is air in the boiler system. The water pressure can also cause the same when it is too low. Your local boiler installer should know how to resolve the issue, so do call them in for a check.

Kettling – The culprit behind kettling is sludge or limescale building up in the heat exchanger. You will need boiler repair services to fix the issue.

Radiator not heating – It can result from air building up in the boiler system, sludge, or unequal heat distribution. This boiler issue does not require any expert to resolve. You only need to bleed radiators to fix the issue. Anyone can do it easily without help from a boiler expert or engineer.

Boiler switches off often – Low water pressure can make the boiler behave this way. It could also be a problem with the thermostat or insufficient water flow from the closed valve. The other possible cause is the lack of proper water circulation in the system. For the issue to go away, you require expert intervention. A replacement might be necessary if it is a case of thermostat issues.

Boiler repair East London experts are familiar with all types of boilers and will easily pinpoint where the issue is and offer solutions. Ignoring an issue with your boiler can have devastating results, so as soon as you suspect something is not working right, you should find a way to get to the bottom. You will be forced to consider a replacement when repairs can fix the issue. Boiler repair Islington  experts can help with anything you require, including maintenance tips for your boiler.

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