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When I speak about “Comfort Zone”, I’m referring to that part of our life that is familiar ~ our routine. It’s that part of our life that is comfortable because we are in the habit of living within that space. When people hear the words step out of your comfort zone, that can create a sense of fear because the unfamiliar is often a scary place. So how important is it to enlarge our comfort zone? Is it something that we need to be aware of or is simply living in our daily routine workable. From my prospective, enlarging our comfort zone is one of the keys to happiness. I believe that is where life, adventure and excitement exists.
But what if you just aren’t ready? What if you don’t feel comfortable stepping out of your comfort zone? Again, my personal thoughts on this ~ most people are never ready. We are creatures of habit and we don’t like to be uncomfortable. So, if we want to avoid being uncomfortable and still live a life full of adventure and excitement, what do we do? How do we make it happen?
Well, the analogy of the dart board was shared with me many years ago and I’ve put it into practice with amazing results. If we look at life as a dart board. The bulls eye would represent our comfort zone. There can be many different sizes of bulls eyes. It’s still important to enlarge it. The ring that surrounds the bulls eye in relation to comfort zone would be the area that I call, “This is a little uncomfortable, but okay ~ I can do it.” The next outer ring would be called, “Oh boy, Okay deep breath, suck it up ~ okay quickly, lets make this happen” (Kind of like jumping off the high dive). Then the last outer most ring on a dart board is what I would call, “If I have to do this, I will die”
So I know ~ get to the point, tell me how all this relates. Well the area that is most important to look at is the first ring that circles the bulls eye, the area that I call “this is a little uncomfortable, but okay I can do it”. That is the area for tremendous growth. Every time something crosses your path that is just a little uncomfortable, step into it. Do it again and again and again. As you make this change and step into the little things that fall just outside your comfort zone, guess what happens? Your comfort zone starts to grow and in time the middle ring, (Oh boy, Okay deep breath, suck it up ~ okay quickly, lets make this happen) becomes the ring closest to the bulls eye. Those things that were really a stretch are no longer that difficult to obtain. And this my friends is where magic happens.

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I believe most spiritual journeys start with a life changing event and mine was no different. My name is Denise Pendleton and my intention is to share my insights so that I might help others grow in spiritual awareness also.

I am a trained life coach and a solutions group facilitator in my church. I’ve been on my own personal journey towards spiritual awareness for almost 10 years and I have a heart that desires to see the amazing power of God’s hand in everyone’s life.

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