Remember that little prayer of grace 'God is Great, God is Good, let us thank him for our food.' So basic, yes he is GREAT, beyond human comprehension...GREAT! Man is he good, good to you and good to me. Got a roof over your head, know where your next meal is coming from, is your mind and body well? If the answers are yes, know why? Because, God is GOOD! He's good, because he tolerates his creation to completely ignore him and he still loves and loves. When someone loves you like that...that's GOOD! He's good, because he sent you a means of Salvation in his Son Jesus.

Thank him for our food. Yes that's very special, but how about thank you for my sight, my limbs that work, my hearing, my family, my job and your protection over me.

How about 'Lord lay me down to sleep, I pray you Lord if I die before I wake take my soul to keep.' Has today's stress and worry robbed you of your sleep? If you're not affected, you've been richly Blessed! Your body is able to restore and heal itself with proper rest. Thank God, he is GOOD!

No one knows when they will die, but Jesus holds the keys to life and death. If you've placed your faith in Jesus as your Lord and Savior, your soul is being kept until your eternal Salvation.

Two children's prayers. Jesus said unless we come to him as little children, we will never enter Heaven. How far have we fallen as a nation? We don't thank God, we don't want his name mentioned in our schools, on our city property, but yet we tell our kids in some 'cute' little ways, say the blessing and tell Jesus when you kneel beside your bed to keep you if you were to die.

Let your heart become as that small child, thank God, because he is GOOD, he is GREAT and he will keep your soul tonight.

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64 year old male, living with wife Linda in Virginia Beach, Va. Former Naval Reserve Vietnam Veteran. Import Manager for 2 different Customs House Brokerage firms, Route Salesman, Delivery driver and Target employee. Authored two Christian books. Owner of website and blogsite