Cold turkey is the term used when an addict gives something up completely, instantly. With most addictions, quitting cold turkey is not recommended, especially for alcohol. Quitting a substance cold turkey in dangerous and extremely harmful to an individual’s health. If you try and quit using a substance on your own, immediately, it can lead to major complications to one’s life and can even lead to death. If you or someone you love is ready to detox from alcohol, it is important to enroll them in a detox program at our Florida rehab center. With this program, an addict will be able to have a plan in place and detox safely and comfortably with interventions as needed. This will allow a successful treatment plan to be followed and relapse to be avoided.

Symptoms and Signs of Alcohol Withdrawal

When you quit using a substance, you will face the symptoms of withdrawal. These will vary person to person but may include:
• Seizures
• Headaches
• Hallucinations
• Gastric Bleeding
• Vomiting
• Sleeplessness
• Irritability
• Emotional and mental issues

These symptoms can occur regardless of how long you have used alcohol. However, it is important to note that the longer you use, the more common the symptoms will be.
Your rehab facility will recommend you stop drinking as you enter the facility. This way, you will be in a safe environment as you begin the detox process. We will help you ease of the alcohol addiction and ease you into stopping so that you can face minimal side effects.

Some people have stopped cold turkey and were able to make it through the physical side effects of the detox. However, after the physical side effects stop, the emotional and mental ones take over. These are the side effects that typically lead to relapse. This is especially true because there is usually an underlying reason on why you began to drink in the first place. If you don’t deal with that issue, you are likely to continue the dangerous cycle with alcohol. Your issues can include past traumas, family issues, or depression. Therapy and a safety plan in place can help you get through these moments without needing to turn to alcohol or other substances.

Treatment for Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome Symptoms

You will want to find treatment at a rehab center that can help you with the process of detox. You will want to make sure to remove the alcohol as safely from your body as possible. Our facility can help you safely detox while keeping you healthy and helping you find the root of your substance abuse problem. Start recovery on the right path and let us help you today.

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