Cochin is a part of Kerala city where education is their main purpose, education needs people, and people need education. Both are the integral part of each other. Education cannot live without being delivered and one of the basic needs of human is education. Both are made for each other. In earlier days there used to be saints to deliver education, nowadays we find big institutes which are consisted with educators and who have devoted their life to make this world knowledgeable and full of knowledge’s. What is this knowledge all about? Knowledge is nothing but achieving and being acquainted with the correct, perfect, and right perceptions, conceptions, instructions, suggestions, and thoughts of life to lead the life. Lit the bulb of one’s house where knowledge can make its dwelling and can give one all the right directions of life.

Cochin is the luckiest city that it could become the part of this respected city in India. Cochin had come up with many schools that have been successfully established with the purpose of delivering the message of knowledge, knowledge and knowledge. Knowledge is the main source of living life happily. Schools like play schools, then other schools as in residential schools, international schools and then public and kindergarten schools as if schools are with exotic facilities built up. Teachers or educators in all these schools are highly qualified and most importantly there are well experienced and skilled at educating children with proper educative materials.

Basic education is that thing which furnishes one’s brain and makes one enriched with fruitful knowledge’s. Schools are basically established for spreading a veil of enlightenment over the world and gives its shed to all the humans for spending their whole life under it. One is nothing without proper education. Education makes you able to raise your voice against something wrong and prior to that, it makes you able to make differentiation between right and wrong. If you are not having knowledge regarding any issues of the world then how it can be possible for you to make a right decision over something. Cochin’s nursery schools and other schools including play schools are facilitated with excellent facilities. Schools like international schools and residential schools which are under ICSE or CBSE board are having more than two computer labs which are also well equipped and internet facilities are all there for the use of teachers and students. The administrative of these schools are well upgraded. These changes are the results of carrying well-improved and well-developed schedules and contents for pulling the status of education up. Apart from computer lab facilities all these schools situated at Cochin have met with wide range of playgrounds for the use of children. Children are not supposed to be stick to one thing for a long time, they need variation in each seconds, so due to this purpose various kinds of playing stuffs and playing halls are also built for them. All these newly invented and installed facilities can easily be available at Cochin based schools.

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