Wooden floorings have always been known to add warmth and value to your home. They were in vogue for a long time, but with time and the modernisation of technology, wooden floor, now have lots of colours and finishes.

Plus, add to the fact that they can last a fair-length-of-time makes it a wonderful long-term investment on the part of homeowners. So, for those of you wanting to go for timber flooring, then here are some clear reasons to opt for it.

  • "Available in a Variety of Colours-Grains-Patterns."

Wooden floors are always available in a wide variety of colours grains and patterns. So, there's always a great possibility that one will find the match with which they want to complement their existing home decor.

Be it domestic hardwood or perhaps something lighter like maple or oak shade timber floors-one will find plenty. Eccentric designs exist with top timber flooring suppliers in Byron Bay in the form of Tigerwood or something more darkly intense and rich in patterns like Midnight Oak.

  • "Easy to Clean-Maintain & Environmental Friendly."

The thing about timber flooring is that they are easy to clean and maintain. By procuring quality timber flooring in Byron Bay from reputed suppliers; one need not has to worry about dust, fumes or mould causing issues- much as it does to your carpets.

Henceforth; one doesn't need to go through vacuuming and scrubbing to remove the spills and stains as for their carpets. Just a normal vacuuming over its surface and occasional sweeping will be good enough!

As for being environmental-friendly, wooden floors are much cleaner than any other building material.

  • Steel produces 40-times more pollutants than wood.
  • Concrete produces 6-times more pollutants and brick produces 4-times more pollutants than wood.

Plus, timber floors are also more energy efficient, and its cellular structure of wood seals the air and presents it more insulative properties. In comparison to this, it would take around 15-inches of concrete to match up wood's insulation qualities.

So, safe to say, wood floors are also very environmentally-friendly for construction purposes as compared to any other material available in the market.

  • "Damaged Parts are Easily Repairable & They are Great for Health."

Provided one has the right maintenance measures are adhered properly, damages on wooden floors (regardless of its severity) can always be refinished. It's like recycling where the damaged parts can be reconstructed again for further flooring needs.

Plus wooden floors are always good for one's health and well-being. Regardless of how much one tries to keep their homes clean- dust, dirt and allergies will always find their way in. And since floors take up the majority of these pollutants, it can severely hamper the health of those at home whenever coming in contact with it.

However, quality hardwood floor tiling Byron Bay make it difficult for the impurities to seep into the floor surface and grip on to the hardware. Furthermore, wooden floors don't leave any space for pollen, mould and even animal dander to grow.

Without these contaminants hampering the interior environ, the chances of allergies forming are reduced considerably. So, people are less at risk with the installation of timber floors.

Ending Statement!

Wooden floors come with a few benefits which make it quite distinguished from the rest. For a proper timber floor project management in Byron Bay, it is always best to consult with quality timber suppliers and get the right options. The initial cost will be a touch high; in the long run, it will become a smart and economic investment.

So, find a supplier and discuss quality options with their price tag. It will help one make more refined decisions.

Author's Bio: 

The author works as a supplier of hardwood floor tiling Byron Bay for years. The author is also a writer who loves to educate the readers on types of timber floors and how timber flooring suppliers in Byron Bay makes a difference in a flooring project.