Clearing, Grounding & Opening the Heart, probably the three most important skills to master as a being on Earth for these three make everything else possible.

Clearing, keeping your energy fields free of the influence of other energies that can confuse and distract us. Grounding, the ability to be consciously connected to the Earth and the life forces that enervate us. Opening the Heart, allowing the energy to flow freely through the heart center, to be able to make decisions that reflect the wisdom of our heart. All three of these techniques are invaluable and Grounding is the key that makes Clearing and Opening the Heart develop into permanent experiences.

Some of us are just naturally grounded, so there’s never been any conscious thought about the connection. As the energies of the Earth and Cosmos have been changing even the most grounded people have been challenged to find ways of staying connected. Grounding is about being safe, feeling safe on the planet. When we are born onto this planet the first thing we need to do is to connect to the Earth, because the Earth is what sustains us. Our bodies are modeled after and aligned with the Earth. The layers of our energy fields and the layers of atmosphere of the Earth correspond. There are seven layers of the Earth’s atmosphere and seven basics layers of the human energy field. The second layer of the energy field of the planet is weather, our second layer is emotion, the weather affects our emotions and our emotions affect the weather. Earth is seventy-eight percent water and so is our body; the trace mineral content and the vibrational frequency of the Earth and the human body are the same. We have the same qualities as the Earth. When we first connect into the Earth, we feel and experience the etheric patterns that have been left in the Earth by others. These are the same types of patterns that we accumulate in our own energy fields. Since we are a microcosm of the Earth, similar patterns are constantly accumulating in the Earth and because they are a culmination of energies from all over the Earth, are greatly multiplied. So the wars accumulate and other people’s experiences, of all kinds, accumulate in the Earth. When we connect into the Earth we start to feel all those things and it’s overwhelming. Many people think, “Whoa, I’m in the wrong place, why did I do that, why did I come to this place” and so they pull away from the energies and never get connected into the energy of the Earth. What needs to be recognized is that those feelings are other people’s experiences and what they need to do is go beyond that, that’s just the first layer. For instance, when you meet someone and they have a gruff exterior and you don’t really like them, you think “Oh, they’re kind of a jerk”. When you connect with them at a deeper level than just the surface you may realize that they’re just afraid of getting hurt. Then when you really connect with the core of them you realize that their Essence and your Essence are the same. The personality part, or the coping mechanism part puts you off and so the same thing happens with the energies of the Earth. When you first connect into it you get put off by it until you realize that there is something at another level and when you go to the center of the core of the Earth you realize that it’s all about love and you make your connection with the love that permeates everything.

If you are not grounded, you will feel spacey and tired, like you are walking around in a dream. You may feel like you don’t belong anywhere. You may be unable to keep commitments or follow through or you will have really great ideas but never be able to make them manifest because there is no universal life force to work with. If we are not anchored we get buffeted around by other people’s emotions and events and every other energy influence that’s around us as opposed to having a strong center. Sometimes people think that in order to grow spiritually you have to disconnect from the earth and worldly things, actually it’s just the opposite. You must be grounded in order to grow spiritually, you must be anchored into the Earth. If the tree has no roots it can’t grow large branches, and if it does the first strong wind that comes along will uproot it. That’s what grounding is about, grounding is about giving you a strong central core to draw from.

Now, we’re all grounded to a certain degree or we wouldn’t be able to maintain a physical body, we all have energy, universal life force flowing through us. The stronger that connection the easier is it to make our dreams, hopes and wishes manifest, fulfill our life’s purpose. When you are grounded and connected to these larger sources of energy you can maintain your own energy and keep it Clear. Grounding creates a strength in your energy field that doesn’t allow outside influences to change it, it protects us from things that might throw us emotionally or mentally, that would change how we’re able to interact with the world. Grounding also allows us to keep our Heart open. When energy comes into our bodies, it enter through all the chakras and other energy centers, if we are not grounded it means that our base chakra is usually closed or barely open. This doesn’t stop the energies that are still coming into our system from the crown and other chakras. What often happens is that the amount of energy that is passing through the body has no where to ground so it looks to be released through the other chakras, most particularly the heart. Too much energy will cause the heart chakra to shut down. So grounding and allowing the energy to flow through our bodies actually enables us to keep our heart chakra open.

The following is a mediation to help you feel the connection to the Earth and other energies that keep us grounded and present in our Earthly experience. Peace, Contentment and Awareness of your own Presence will let you know that you are grounded and in alignment with the Universe. May your Journey be Blessed.

Grounding Meditation

Suggestion: Do this first thing in the morning to make your connections and then at the end of the day to clear energies that have accumulated in your system.

Close your eyes and take 3 Deep Breaths...

Send your energy down through your body, through your base chakra and soles of your feet into the Earth. Down through the building, the floor, down through the soil, through the rock and water, through the magma, all the way down to the center of the Earth. Connect with the core of the Earth, the colors are gold and red.... feel the love, strength, contentment and peace.... Now bring those energies, the red and gold spiraling together, bring them up from the core of the Earth, through the magma, through the water and rocks, through the soil back through the building and floor and back into your body, coming in through the feet and the base chakra. Now bring the energy up through your legs, your torso, up and all the way through your crown chakra and send it up out of the building, through the sky and all the layers of Earth’s atmosphere, past all the stars and planets, all the way to the Sun.... to the center of the Sun. Connect into the center of the Sun, feel it’s expansiveness, it’s omnipresence.... Now bring the energy of the Sun back down to Earth, bring it through the sky and atmosphere, bring it through your surroundings and back into your body through your crown chakra.... Send that energy all the way down through the pathway you’ve already created, to the center of the Earth. You have now connected both Heaven and Earth, male and female energies, electric and magnetic, cosmic and matter.... Bring your attention, and both energies, to your heart chakra and feel the two blending and melding in the crucible of the Heart. Now being a continuous cycling of the energies.... Send the energy from your heart to the center of the Sun, then loop that energy, in your mind’s eye, from the center of the Sun around to the opposite side of the Earth, bring it up through the center of the Earth and back into your body -- create a cosmic orbit with your body as the conduit between Heaven and Earth. Try sending the energy the other way... send it down to the center of the Earth and then loop it around to the Sun, through the center of the Sun and back down through your body... See how the sensations differ and which one feels best for you in this moment.

3 Deep Breaths, open your eyes when ready...

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