Vacuuming a car interior requires skill and a bit of patience. It may sound like an easy task but in real sense it is not. You need to pay attention to detail so that some parts of the car are not left unattended. Furthermore, you need just the right tools. With the right tools, I mean a good vacuum cleaner that is meant for the purposes of cleaning a car. The vacuum cleaner should also have various brushes that you will use to clean areas that may not be reached by the nozzle. It should also be adjustable. A professional can also help you clean your car interior according to this post. Here are some tips on how to vacuum your car’s interior properly.

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Open the doors

As you go about cleaning and vacuuming the car, you may not want to repeatedly keep opening and closing the doors. That is why it’s better if you keep all the doors open. There is more light and you will be able to see what you’re doing with more ease. There is also proper ventilation and free flow of air.

Clear the trash out of the car

This is to prepare the car for cleaning. Trash such as food wrappers and bottles will only slow you down if not removed from the car before you start vacuuming. Get the garbage bin and throw in any trash items that are in the car. Also, those things that are in the car and are not really needed to be there can be removed and put somewhere. There are so many things that we carry around in our cars that only contribute to making it untidy. Get rid of such items.

Take out the floor mats

Floor mats carry a lot of dirt and dirt because people step directly on them on daily basis. It is best if you clean the floor mats separately. Also, removing the floor mats enables you to thoroughly clean and vacuum the floors.

Use the brush attachment

Since there may be dust that is stuck on the surfaces it is always wise to use the attached brush. The brush lifts up the dust and dirt from the surface so that it can easily be picked up by the vacuum cleaner. This results in a thorough clean. This part is important and will go a long way in ensuring that after vacuuming the surfaces look spotless clean.

Vacuum the floorboards

While cleaning the floorboards, start on the side of the console and work towards the seats. You can start from the front of the car and once the area is clean enough you move to the back and do the same. While suctioning an area on the floorboards, do several passes until you are sure all the dirt and dust has been removed. Also, slide the front seats towards the back to create room for you to do the vacuuming thoroughly. There are areas where dirt tends to hide such as at the pedals. Be super careful while cleaning these areas.

Don’t forget the upholstery

There is a lot of dust that is hidden in between the seats and some that is already trapped on them. Dust is not the only thing that is trapped onto the seats. There is hair, dead skin and even food particles. Therefore the upholstery requires more attention to detail in order to do the cleaning the right way. Vacuum each seat on both its front and at the back. A brush will come in handy when it comes to removing dirt that is hidden in the crevices of the seats. All you have to is to pass the brush through the cracks and then suction that area afterwards.

Clean the floor mats

The floor mats are usually very dirty and require to be cleaned separately. There may be dirt that is stuck on them or stains caused by spilled beverages that have to be taken care of. Shake the floor mats first to remove any loose dirt before vacuuming. If there are any stains, treat the stains with an appropriate stain remover and leave them outside for some time to dry. Synthetic floor mats can simply be washed by a hose pipe or wiped clean with a damp rag.

Use compressed air

At times there is dust debris that is not getting removed by suction. This is where you may need compressed air to blow out the dust debris from where it is hiding. Release the air gradually so that the dust is not blown all over the area. You can also use the vacuum’s hose if you do not have a canister of compresses air. The vacuum hose will work the same way to blow out the dust from the area it may be stuck.

Dust the dashboard

In this area, you can use the brush attachment to go over it. Never assume that the dashboard does not have that much dust as you may be surprised with all the dirt that is likely to be removed from this area. If there is any sticky dirt, get a damp cloth and use it to remove this dirt. When using the vacuum cleaner in this area, do it carefully to avoid leaving behind scratches.

Remember to clean the trunk

The trunk is a part that is often overlooked and even forgotten when it comes to the cleaning of a car. Probably because the trunk is not used most of the time. So it’s easy to just ignore it as it may not look that dirty anyways. However, we forget that dust settles in this area even if it is not being used that much. So make it a point to vacuum the entire trunk. Before vacuuming, ensure that all items that you may be keeping in there are removed. Remove the mats in the trunk and clean them too. You can simply dust or suction to get rid of the dust that has settled on them.

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