Clawfoot Bathtubs to Make Your Bathing More Comfortable

Though bathing has become a significant requirement of our daily life, tubs have been present since the ancient times. Bath tubs were invented to meet the daily requirement of shower. They are easy to set up, comfortable to maintain, and available at a reasonable price. Modern tubs come with myriad features to meet the demand of the modern people and getting a high-end clawfoot bathtub can cater to the needs of those wishing to enjoy the amenities of a comfortable living.

Past and present thoughts about Tubs

People often imagine of romantic settings and immersing in a bubble bath with a beloved when they hear about clawfoot bathtubs. This is still common, but these tubs were originally constructed with more realistic intentions in mind.

In the eighteenth century, an industrial unit started manufacturing big cast iron vats constructed from farm equipment. These tubs modified the horse trough shape and added enamel covering for maintenance purposes and four legs indicate lion’s paws to stand on. Then, they advertised these tubs as “horse trough” and convinced people for using.

With the passage of time, the feature and look of the bath tubs also were changed until it comes to the present situation. The media of recreation has increased but yet, the traditional romance and relaxation options were hugely altered. So, people are living stressful life. Meanwhile, clawfoot tubs resemble one of the ancient ways of relaxing and passing some wonderful time. So, the popularity of clawfoot tubs has enhanced. These tubs not only help you relax and remove the dirt of your body surface. They erase tensions and worries.

Choosing from more options

Modern time has changed its population and their choice. New styles and features are a must to make a tub suitable for the modern people. To meet the contemporary needs, manufactures have brought various tubs and provide you with more options to choose from.

Slipper Tubs

One end of this tub is raised with a slight sloping, ensuring more comfort for reposing. So, Clawfoot tubs are often called as “soaker tubs” and they are perfect for relaxing.

Double-Ended Tub

This tub is raised on both ends and the dips are in the middle; often faucets and fixtures are placed in the middle. This is still good for reclining, but since there is less risk of splashing, it also works better for bathing children.

Cast-Iron Tub

Want a more classical look? Cast iron-tubs are still constructed for those ancient collectors out there. Cast iron allows you to paint any color and they often have more alternatives for shower installations. They are still covered in porcelain because it fights against corrosion and is more stain proof than metal. Additionally, these tubs are long-lasting and have a long lifespan. But, they are also heavy (up to 500 lbs.)

Acrylic Tubs

This tub is light-weight and easy to move. So, you can move anytime anywhere and it doesn’t make you tired. The water on this tub remains warm longer for natural insulator. Though it is corrosion proof, more force while cleaning might scrape on the surface.

Learning the different types of clawfoot models, you can reach a solid decision regarding the most suitable clawfoot bathtub for your needs.

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