Classic cars that will once again be the talk of the town in 2021

Classic vehicles are bound to attract all car enthusiasts. Everyday companies launch new models with new and improved features but they cannot compete with the importance of all the classic cars. People might have forgotten about these models because they disappeared from the scene for a little while. The insurance company that insures collectible and classic cars has assured that these five classic models will be making a comeback in 2021.

Aston Martin DB7(1994-2004)
Price in 2019: £37,680
Price in 2020: £31,580
Percentage change: -16.2%

This DB7 has been the highest-produced Aston Martin model ever. It may seem that the significant drop in the price of this vehicle shows that it is not worth it, but you should know that its value has held steady greatly over the years. So the price drop in 2020 can be a chance for you to buy it at a good price.

It is available as either a coupe or a two-door convertible, with a 3.2 liter AJ6 charged inline-six engine, this model generates 335bhp at 5500rpm and a torque of 316lb-ft at 3000rpm can be produced. Hagerty predicts that this car will come back from the financial slump in 2021 especially after the new James Bond movie is released. It will remind the viewers about the importance of the Aston Martin DB7.

Ferrari 328 (1985-1988)

Price in 2019: £82,300
price in 2020: £80,650
Percentage change: -2%

As one of the last analog Ferraris, of which only 130 right-hand models were sold, the Ferrari 328 could become a rare collector’s item in coming years.

The Ferrari 328 has faced an increased decline in its value and stock. From 2016 to 2019, the value seemed to drop 11% yearly. But in recent years it has flattened out to only 2%. This indicates that this mid-engine and Pinnifarina car must be in demand again. This model can become a rare collector’s item soon as there were only 130 right-hand models were sold.

People describe the 328 model as the most reliable and functional model of Ferrari. It boasts a transversally center-mounted aspirated V8 Dino engine. This car has many features which cannot be found in other cars, like improved suspension, a revolutionary anti-locking car brake system, and convex wheels.

Jaguar Mark II (1959 and 1967)

Price in 2019: £21,700
Price in 2020: £27,700
Percentage change: +27.6%

Nothing encapsulates British elegance more than the Jaguar Mark II. It is so stunning that luxurious that according to Hagerty you could take the tea with the queen in this car. It has exquisite large tail and fog lamps, enlarged side windows, and a radiator grille. The splendid model was available with three types of engines. The 2.4, 3.4, and 3.8-liter sic-inline Jaguar XK6 engines. They all have an optional automatic.

It became the ultimate car of choice for the British gangsters. Its price and value stayed steady throughout the years but it experienced an extreme rise in its value, more than a quarter in 2020. This increment makes the car a heavy and good investment for 2021 as its value will keep on rising in the future.

Ferrari Testarossa
The model was made as a successor of Ferrari Berlinetta Boxer. Testarossa is a mid-engine car that has the most produced models. It has almost 10,000 units built, also including the revised model variations. The purpose of this model was to fix all the previous problems that occurred with the existing models. The people were quite surprised at the usable trunk space, pleasant interior, and a larger cockpit when Testarossa debuted in 1984 at the Paris auto show.

It is without a doubt one of the most memorable vehicles of its time. There have been ups and downs in the price and value of Testarossa but recently it is on the rebound, and the chances are that the demand and value of this car will only increase in the future.

Porsche 944 Series 2 (1988-1992)

Price in 2019: £16,650
Price in 2020: £17,550
Percentage change: +5.4%

The 944 model was based upon the 924 GTP platform. They incorporated the same technology in the racing model. Series 2 boasts a normal aspirated 3.0-liter 16-valve DOHC V8 engine. A cabriolet version was introduced later in 1989 and it was the first 944 that featured a convertible body. The engine in this model was the largest 4-cylinder production at the time and it gave a good 208BHP output.

Porsche 944 has experienced a drop in price and value back in the day, but since 2016 they both are rising steadily. The demand for this model is also unending and it will continue to increase in the future. People would be willing to pay the odds just to have a 944 model in their possession.

These cars might not have the latest features and equipment but they will always be prioritized and desired by all car enthusiasts.


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