As your friends are already addicted to this strategy game, you want to learn how to play Clash of Clans once and for all! That is why you are looking for a great tutorial to learn how to take your first steps playing Clash of Clans. Do not worry! This post is the key to solve your problem! Read on to find out how to play and become an expert player! Would you like to enjoy Clash of Clans on your phone or your tablet? Do not wait any longer and download it from the App Store or Google Play right now!

The goal of Clash of Clans
You might already know that Clash of Clans is a strategy game. This means that you have to think a little bit before doing your movements. But not too much! As you might have to confront enemies while you think about how to attack them! The objective is building a community, defending it by training your troops, attack the ones of your enemies and earn the most of elixir and Dark and gold elixir you can!

How to Play Clash of Clans
The first step is building your community. Put the town hall in the middle of the town as your enemies will have more trouble to reach it. After that remember to protect the surrounding area very well. You can find the perfect elements to get the projection objective on the store. Your walls might be at least in the third level in order to work properly.
But what are the most important things to protect? At the very beginning, you do not
have money enough to protect the whole town. So you need to focus on the main ones. This is the town hall and the gold and elixir storage. The houses of your builders and the huts can be outside this protected area perfectly.
Another important point when you play Clash of Clans for the first time are the gems. Spending all of them right now is very tempting. Do not do it! They are very important and very difficult to get! They are very useful to buy the houses of builders. These houses are essential to update several towers and other defense elements at the same time. Do not buy gold and elixir storages with the gems as you do not need them. Save gems up as long as possible!

Have you already gave Clash of Clans a shot? Let us know your opinion. To more about see this article:

Clash of Clans is one of the biggest mobile games on the planet. Here’s a quick guide on how to start playing it

Conflict of Clans is the ever mainstream "freemium" session of armed forces, striking, building and different other war based exercises.

Since its discharge in 2012 Clash of Clans has commanded both Google Play and the App Store, reliably staying nearby in the main three in the gaming classifications.

Also, the purpose behind its prosperity? Basic: it's addictive as damnation.

You play for a bit and after that you need to play some more and after that, before you know it, multi month has gone by and you're candidly joined to your Clan. Try not to stress, it happens to potentially anyone…

Just on the off chance that you didn't know the amount of a major ordeal Clash of Clans is here are a cluster of realities, obligingness of Game Spot, enumerating exactly how huge an arrangement the amusement really is

Supercell rounds up over $5 million daily from Clash of Clans

Supercell was as of late esteemed at $5.5 billion after a venture by SoftBank.

George Yao, a best positioned player, burned through a half year playing Clash of Clans on five iPads - all in the meantime! He would even bring his iPads into the shower with him.

Panda, one of the main 10 CoC players, revealed to Wired that he spends about $7,000 multi month on his Clash of Clan town. That seven thousand records for only seven percent of his salary.

In the most recent Super Bowl, Clash of Clans appeared a business with Liam Neeson spoofing his character from "Taken." It was the most seen Super Bowl advertisement in 2015, and was chosen by YouTube clients as the second best promotion from the Big Game.

As indicated by Wired, Clash of Clans and other versatile recreations quality about 50 percent of their income to only the main 10 percent of players. Goodness, so's the manner by which diversions remain allowed to play.

As indicated by Re/code, alongside acquiring a huge number of dollars daily, there are more than 29.5 million dynamic clients in the diversion. You're unaware of what's going on in the event that you don't play this diversion.

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