I come to realize, man’s potential to ever accomplish anything he wishes for himself to be created and manifested is possible to outstretch his belief to what he can achieve in a lifetime.

We are living in a time and age where things look very unstable and uncertain, for us to ever believe if a life ever was worth living is possible to attain in these current global conditions?

As ironically as it may seem....Yes! It is possible to achieve the success you have envisioned for yourself. Why?

In my journey from a life of hopelessness and desperation into a life of the unimaginable conquest, I come to stand in my present moment to realize if ever my results is just a mere dream or an actual fact, the things I have desired is really in physical form.

As I look back in my life, the process to how I’ve come to achieve what it is that I wanted for myself, has been a chapter in my life of a process of trial and error and self teaching to always out grow to a higher level to who I was in the past.
This realization, has been my purpose to convey what I believe are principles to which the success we want to see in our lives.

Let’s face the fact, everybody has their own concept of the success they want to become and this inherent desire to succeed to ones fullness is the expression that he wants to outgrow to a level of his being where he can stand in a perspective and say.........I have lived!

In my seminars I teach regarding Personal Development and Growth, people come to me and ask why I can’t just get what I really want in my life?

Many people become immerse in a sea of information of knowledge and wisdom of human potential, not knowing that the information conveyed to them is only a part of the equation to achieving what you want.

In response to their concern, there are differences in learning and actually applying the information given. When you learn, you only stimulate the intellectual; therefore after a couple of days you only retain 10% of what you learnt and have lost the momentum to take specific actions towards a goal. But as for those who apply the information learnt, retain 40% of what they learnt even ten days after they initially studied the material and still have the momentum and drive to pursue their goals in life.

A lot of people when they confront their desires, dreams or goals in life, doubt themselves if ever really they could or should pursue what they want. It’s not in really wanting what they desire for that they achieve what they want. It is what they don’t want that they focus their whole energy and attention that they get what they want. Wanting is an equivalent fact that what you want for yourself is the same as saying there is lack. Being specific with clarity and reasons to why it is important, is the question most needs to focus their attention on.

This concept of wanting and being specific about your goals in life is the difference between a dreamer and a scientist.

As I said previously, information is only a part of the equation; success is the result of finding “X”, so therefore success is a formula or a process to which we line ourselves up towards the goals we want to achieve.

I do not believe in positive thinking, but I do believe in affirmations.
The difference in understanding is simple but different in meaning.

Positive thinking is being able to put you in a state of empowerment for a short term, without the long term foundation to anticipate future circumstances.

Affirmation is a foundation belief that we perceived to ourselves as being right through the evaluation from our external environment.

Therefore affirmation or believing in something is a more strong approach to being specific about what you want rather than just admitting in the short term that it is possible, then in the latter he/she is still in the same square initially.

As a principle of success, and many great influences will agree upon this belief, the more specific your are, and more clear of your vision for what you want, not only do you give yourself reasons to why it is important but the belief that you can claim what you believe will give you the empowerment to help you pick up the momentum that you need to take action upon that effect.

It is hard to believe in times of struggle and frustration that it is possible to gain our right for a better life. But your belief of your reality is really the conditioning of your upbringing. Revise what you believe in, see if your belief supports your true desires in life, if not, isn’t it time to change your mind to actually follow what you want instead of just merely wanting?

That is a question you have to answer for yourself. What your answers maybe, will determine your results and eventually your destiny in life.