Many patients have suffered from chronic prostatitis, which has a great impact on the body and mind of men. The typical troubles and pains of prostatitis patients are abnormal urination and local pain and discomfort.

Abnormal urination: Abnormal urination is one of the most common symptoms of chronic prostatitis. It mainly manifests as heavy or recurrent urethral burning or pain during mild periods of time, discomfort during urination, frequent urination, urgent urination, painful urination, waiting for urine, endless urine, dripping urine, and “white dripping” after defecation.

Symptoms such as urinary tract or bladder infection are reduced when drinking more water and urine. Severely infected people or those with benign prostatic hyperplasia may also have symptoms such as nocturnal enuresis, difficulty urinating, thin and weak urine, or even urinary retention.

Hidden pain or discomfort in the lower perineum and lower back: Pain symptoms are the main symptoms of chronic prostatitis. Patients often feel falling pain, acid pain or severe pain in the perineum or prostate area (perianal, upper and lower pubic area, lower abdomen, lower back, groin area, inner thighs, bulges, testicles, and penis head). As a result, it will cause serious anxiety and even feel that "life is worse than death" and have a suicidal tendency.

Fever and chills: Symptoms of fever and chills are rare. They can be seen in patients with chronic bacterial prostatitis caused by gram-negative bacterial infections, especially the elderly. It shows symptoms of unexplained long-term irregular fever or low fever. The body temperature may have irregular ground waves of 37.5~ or 39C.

Neuropsychiatric disorders: Patients with prostatitis may have psychosocial burdens and changes in personality characteristics. Patients may have symptoms of neuropsychiatric disorders such as insomnia, multiple dreams, dizziness, loss of memory, lack of concentration, fatigue, weakness, weakened male characteristics, anxiety, depression, mood swings, and even suicidal tendencies, especially those that are not cured for a long time.

Therefore, patients need treatment and herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is available to eliminate all these symptoms and get people’s life to normal.

After becoming ill, some patients think that they only have symptoms such as frequent and urgent urination and they can heal on their own as long as they take good care of themselves.

So, can chronic prostatitis recover by itself?

Generally speaking, prostatitis is difficult to heal on its own. If patients develop symptoms, don't be careless; do not refuse treatment because there is a possibility of self-healing. When a patient develops symptoms and the symptoms persist without significant relief, it is generally recommended that patients go to specialist outpatient clinics or regular hospitals for standardized treatment. The practice of observing and waiting at this time is unscientific. For the sake of health, it is recommended to go to the hospital for regular treatment in a timely manner.

In addition, prostatitis patients should also avoid smoking and drinking alcohol. During treatment, they should be careful to eat a light diet and eat less or no spicy or irritating foods. Strengthening personal health care and nursing can help prostatitis get better as soon as possible.

Prostatitis is a common disease of the male reproductive system under the age of 50, and it is also a general term for a series of diseases in men. As the second gonad of men, the importance of the prostate can be imagined. This disease will not heal itself without treatment. Therefore, once suffering from prostatitis, it is recommended to go to the hospital for treatment in time.

Also, you should pay attention to personal health care in your daily life.

1. Pay attention to psychological regulation: Chronic prostatitis has a long course of illness and is easy to repeat. It often causes patients to be upset, irritable, uneasy, anxious, and depressed, pessimistic and disappointed, and even develop symptoms of depression, which affects the confidence and progress of treatment.

Therefore, patients should pay attention to psychological regulation while taking medication, be fully familiar with chronic prostatitis, which is difficult to treat but is not a difficult or incurable condition. Men can work hard to overcome their poor state of mind, maintain a happy mood, enhance their confidence in treatment, and cooperate with treatment.

2. Strengthen diet conditioning: A diet that is plain, nutritious and low in stimulation is appropriate. Less stimulation is important. This is because irritating foods can cause prostate congestion and worsen the condition.

Therefore, patients should avoid spicy and acidic foods such as tobacco, alcohol, green onions, garlic, ginger, chili, chives, peppers, etc.

3. Good lifestyle: An irregular lifestyle or improper diet can cause the condition to recur or worsen. For example, overwork can easily cause the condition to recur, and constipation can cause prostate congestion and worsen the condition.

Therefore, patients should work and rest on time, avoid staying up late, eat meals on time, ensure adequate sleep, and prevent overeating. They can eat more foods that moisturize the intestines, such as citrus, bananas, and green leafy vegetables, to keep stools open.

4. Control sex life: Too frequent sex can cause the prostate to become congested, and unclean sex can worsen the degree of infection or cause new infections, which is an important factor in the recurrence of chronic prostatitis.

Therefore, during treatment, patients should pay attention to reducing the number of times they have sex, avoid unclean sex, and also pay attention to moderating sex within six months after treatment.

People with prostatitis must pay attention to their usual diet and living habits, and solve it as soon as possible. Don't delay it until the end of the day. Otherwise, it will be too late when you want to treat it.

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