Politics are always a hot topic. It matters who we elect for legislative bodies. Those individuals represent the interests of businesses, value creators, and society as a whole.

Politics matter even more on a local level. The only problem is, most people focus on large-scale “national politics,” instead of local legislative candidates.

That’s not an attitude that we recommend.

Local legislation has a large impact on taxes, welfare distribution, and business liabilities in a given city.

Fortunately, a well-qualified candidate is running for Linton Indiana’s city council. And that would be Christopher M. Wathen.

Who is He?

Consider him the ideal of an American citizen. His long career represents the accomplishments of a hard working citizen.

Christopher M. Wathen is a man with a 22-year working experience. His experience expands into a variety of specialties that make him an ideal candidate.

Such As?
Mr. Wathen has experience in the financial industry, real estate world, event organization, and even pharmaceuticals.

He has worked at all levels and in all kinds of organizations. Christopher Wathen’s experience includes managing day-to-day operations on a small business level.

They also include board membership and upper management work in large companies.

Christopher M. Wathen’s Career.

Let’s start with Mr. Wathen’s beginnings.

The bulk of Christopher Wathen’s experience is in the financial world. His beginnings were as a commercial loan officer at First National Bank & Trust.

His role involved assessing loans for small businesses of up to $3 million – a role which he held for 2 ½ years.

Following that, he moved to Bloomfield State Bank, working as a Vice President in Credit Risk Management for 8 years.

Enterprising Experience.
Christopher Wathen is a business owner himself, and his financial experience applies there as well.

He is a founding member of Linton Community Development Corporation. He currently holds the role of Secretary and Treasurer, and has done so for over 9 years. And his role involves managing the organization’s business, legal, and insurance operations.

Mr. Wathen: A Community Developer.

The Linton Community Development Corporation’s mission is to breathe life into Linton’s social life.

It does so by hosting and sponsoring local entertainment events, plus live-streaming and community development projects. It also sponsors the annual Linton Music Festival, and has done so for many years.

And that’s not all. Christopher Wathen’s is a community developer on a real estate level too. He is currently a managing partner at Linton Office Leasing and Linton Redevelopment.

Their Missions.
Linton Office Leasing supplies apartment space for firms, residents, and small offices. It offers affordable leases that allow startups to launch their activities without too many drawbacks.

As for Linton Redevelopment, it’s responsible for restoring old buildings to functionality.

There, Mr. Wathen held the role of Operations Manager up to 2019 (for 9 years). And his role involved managing the restoration of retail stores, educational facilities, and old commercial buildings into affordable residences.

Linton, Indiana’s Best Council Candidate.

Christopher Wathen’s CV speaks for itself. He has amassed experience matched by few. His work record makes him best for legislative work and managing Indiana’s financial wellbeing.

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Trip Chan contributes articles related to self-help and team management.