Choosing the right sewing machine for your next project can be an uphill task due to the many options available and plethora of factors that should be put into consideration. Indeed, without the right sewing machine, you will not be able to complete a heavy-duty upholstery project well.

Here are the primary factors that you should consider when looking for a sewing machine for this purpose.

Power Capability

Different upholstery materials require different sewing power and skill. The machine that you decide to purchase should be able to sew thorough industrial grade fabrics as well as the conventional thick materials. Most of the brands have a motor that is detached from the main sewing machine body but the two are connected with a pulley.
A sewing machine with enough power has a wheel that allows easy change of movement and direction as you sewing the patterns on the material. From personal experience, the smaller wheels produce the most power but this is dependent on the type of project.

The Construction

If you are pro upholstery sewing fan like me, you know that it is important to have a sewing machine with a nice structure. However, if you want an industrial grade sewing machine for heavy duty sewing project, you need to look at the quality of the material used to contrast the machine’s body. Check if the material is durable to avoid any inconveniences down the road.

The best should be able to last for decades with little or minimal maintenance. Steer clear of machines that are made from light materials if you intend to do a heavy duty-sewing project as it won’t last through the project.

Evaluate the Bed

For starters, the sewing bed is the section between the foot and the needle. Most of the standard sewing machines I have come across and worked with have medium beds. The kind of project that you intend to carry out will determine the size of the bed.
If you want a lot of space, then a sewing machine with a large bed is a perfect option for you. But for small projects, you can go for a machine with a bed that provides just enough room to move your needle and fabric.

Walking Foot

The secret of efficient upholstery sewing experience is having the right walking foot. What is a walking foot? This is a unique tool in the machine whose main role is to ensure that the upholstery material moves smoothly as you stitch regardless of the durability and thickness.
For heavy duty upholstery sewing projects, you need to have a walking foot that is sturdy enough. The walking foot works hands in hand with the industrial device to enable the sewing machine to hold the fabric firmly as you sew. It does this by applying even pressure to prevent any form of bunching. Concisely, you should spend your hard-earned money on a machine that has a reliable walking foot.

Initial Cost and Maintenance Expenses

Different upholstery sewing machines have varying price tags. The price is usually dependent on the brand, specifications, and capabilities of the machine. Take the time to compare and contrast the prices to find one that is within your budget and is suitable for your project.
The other thing you need to consider is the maintenance expenses. You should look at the durability of the machine to avoid spending all your profit on maintenance and repairs. Consult a professional who has vast hands-on experience to know if a particular model is durable or not before making your final decision.

Reputation in the Market

Just like any other equipment you purchase online or offline, it is imperative to look at what past customers say about it. Many negative reviews are a sign that the machine is not ideal for heavy duty upholstery projects. You should go a machine that is trusted by many professionals in this field and has a good reputation.

Closing Remarks

The right sewing machine will help you complete the heavy-duty upholstery project on time and perfectly. We hope the above tips and advice will help you select the right machine for the next project. To give you more insights about the extensive and lucrative upholstery sewing world, we have created a comprehensive list that covers everything that you need to put into consideration to make the right choice:

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