The need for good luck dates several years back across the vast parts of China. In fact, Chinese people, who are practitioners of Feng Shui have been associating themselves with an array of charms including Horse shoe, Dzi beads, lucky cat, Laughing Buddha, Double happiness sign and more

Read on to get better understanding of the widely held Chinese good luck charms that are of great use in Feng Shui.

The Laughing Buddha

In Feng Shui, the Laughing Buddha is held in high regard. As one of the cherished good luck charms, it can be used as the ultimate cure for well-being, happiness, success and prosperity, abundance, or any other good thing you dream or wish for in this life.

The symbol can bring auspicious energy, wealth and blessings to your home, restaurant, and so on. The

Lucky Cat

If you are Japanese, then the terms Maneki Neko are not new sounding to you These words translate as the Beckoning Cat. In most cases, the Beckoning Cat or the Lucky Cat can be used in both your home and business to cure good luck, as well as, wealth and prosperity.

It is worth noting that the Beckoning Cat originated from Japan, however, the symbols have been adopted by the Feng Shui enthusiasts thanks to its influential energy.

Dzi Beads

Most of the Feng Shui specialists use the beads for protection. The origin of the Dzi beads is one of the mysteries that the earth is yet to solve; however, they are believed to have been forged by the earliest people from the agate, who made some incredible carved markings on stone.

The beads come in different sorts of designs including circles, squares, stripes, and waves just to list a few.

Horse Shoe

For the record, the horse shoe has been used for several hundreds of years as the symbol of good luck and prosperity in India and majority of Western countries. With this symbol in front of your door, you are guaranteed protection all the time.

Double Happiness Symbol

As the name suggests, the symbol has some incredible energy that can bring forth love in marriage. In other words, the double happiness sign is a perfect cure for love in all kinds of relationships. In addition, the symbol is popularly used in home decor, jewelry, and a series of embroideries.

Lucky Bamboo

Do you want luck in your home or place of work? If yes, then lucky bamboo can do you the trick. It is worth mentioning that the bamboo can bring you the desired energy of luck based on the specific number of the stalks you have at the office or home.

Elephant Sign

According to Feng Shui enthusiasts, the symbol is the most beautiful symbol featuring good luck, fertility, kindness, inaudible power, and other remarkable energies to make your life worthwhile.

The elephant symbol has been the most preferred by many due to its numerous benefits and ease of use at the place of work and home.

Pi Yao/ Pi Xiu

To make use of the energy in Pi Yao, you can get the symbol in form of a bracelet, key chain or even personal amulet. Additionally, the sign can be used alone or in pairs to increase the charms of luck in your home.

If you are Feng Shui enthusiast who would like to learn more about different good luck charms, then there are several sites to quench your curiosity, including and more

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