If you do not know what to search for in a divorce attorney, how do you know you are investing all your dreams, hopes, and money in the right one? Follow the steps below to better choose the divorce lawyer that is the right match for you.

Be realistic

First, you must recognize that divorce is a legal procedure, the purpose of which is to get you divorced. This may include resolving custody issues if children are involved and dividing your assets, liabilities and personal property. The divorce lawyer’s duty includes representing you to the best of her or his ability within this process. His or her success depends upon you knowing what you need from your divorce and what your goals are for life after divorce. Being armed with decisions which have already been made that are best for you and your family before meeting with your attorney is vital in helping to obtain a successful outcome. Also, being willing to compromise when working with their professional guidance is important.

Because divorce is like riding an emotional rollercoaster, you may want them to understand your frustration, anger, sadness, and pain, but that isn’t their job. Most of them don’t have the training to be a coach or therapist, rather they have the mindset of a lawyer which deals with the facts surrounding your case.

The clock of a lawyer is always ticking, so you may not want to call your lawyer to chat about how you’re feeling. Also, remember your office appointments are best if you can leave your emotions at the door. Nothing increases your legal expense more than allowing your emotions to dictate your appointments or the process of divorce. Instead, find a counselor, friend or family member with whom you can talk concerning the emotions that you’re experiencing.

Remain focused on your goal

Your goal is to be divorced, and hopefully you will be able to do so without any big lifestyle depreciation.

Consider what you really want or need from your divorce so when it comes to negotiating material items you’re not caught off guard. Also, remember to keep your emotions in check when dividing assets, liabilities and personal property as to whether you can afford the material item with only your income once the divorce is finalized. Creating a pre and post - divorce budget after having time to adequately assess what your current budget is and how that budget will change after divorce is vital. Key decisions may be overlooked during this stressful time which can lead to a lifestyle that you didn’t anticipate due to lack of planning ahead.

Research and interview potential lawyers

Begin with an initial call.

Many divorce lawyers offer a free consultation to talk about your specific circumstances and what their legal approach might be. Take advantage of this opportunity to find out about your potential lawyer and to collect as much legal advice as you can.

Note that the lawyer you meet with may not be working with the day-to-day problems associated with your case. Therefore, ask to meet the associate or colleague who would be dealing with the specifics of your case.

Look for signs that the legal team or individual is effective at problem-solving and can offer flexible hours to fit your schedule, such as nights and weekends if necessary.

Ask how many divorces the firm has settled out of court, which saves people time and money. And - even if you don’t have any intention of going to trial - browse the lawyer’s history of success in court. The track record is a sign of your lawyer’s success in negotiation.

The process of divorce also can include financial professionals, counselors, coach facilitators, mediators and parenting coordinators. Determine your lawyer’s access to these resources and if any might be relevant to your case, because it will usually affect the overall cost of your divorce.

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Audrey Silcox is the founder of Divorce Tool Box. She is a Counselor and Divorce Educator who has worked with divorcing couples since 1996. She graduated from Auburn University at Montgomery, Alabama with a B. S. in Psychology and a M. Ed. in Counseling. Audrey is a Certified Divorce and Family Mediator with credentials from two Supreme Courts. She is also a Certified Professional Coach.

During her career as a counselor, divorce and family mediator, professional coach, and divorce educator Audrey has helped many just like you who may be wondering where to start, how to spend money wisely in the costly divorce process, and how to make good decisions in a system that can be hard to understand. She has seen the damage that can occur in families who experience divorce and its life-altering consequences without the right tools. Divorce Tool Box is the solution.