Attendance Management System that suits your business needs.
Employees are an integral part of every organization. They work for the assigned hours to achieve the organization's objective and get compensated for their contribution. However, they are also entitled to take leaves from work to maintain a healthy work-life balance and attend to their personal requirements. Under certain circumstances, they may also need to rearrange their schedules or log in a little late or leave early. It is crucial for companies to track the number of hours worked by each employee, leaves taken, overtime hours, etc. to compensate them appropriately and analyze employee productivity.

What is Attendance Management?
Attendance Management System is the process to track and document the time spent by an employee at work. This helps the organizations not only to calculate the actual wage that they owe each employee, but it also simplifies compliance. Every state has different statutory laws, and a small non-adherence may cause irreparable damage to an organization. An Attendance Management System helps companies comply with these details and make the audit processes efficient and stress-free. A few traditional methods of attendance management are paper attendance registers, time clocks, and spreadsheets. With the rapid advancement of technology, Attendance Management has also transformed radically over the years. Today, automated attendance mechanisms are much more efficient and error-free than manual attendance tracking systems. Digitized attendance management mechanisms are available in a wide variety of options ranging from on-premise software to cloud-based solutions with real-time analytics and reports.

The new generation Attendance Management Mechanisms?

Online attendance capture- Online attendance capture mechanism is the easiest and most straightforward way to capture attendance that needs no door control access. It allows organizations to automate the complete attendance management system where employees can sign-in and sign-out from their devices like mobile or laptop on the go. This attendance management mechanism is recommended for startups with few employees, employees working from home, and other use cases where there is no need for any validations on the employee’s sign-in process.

Geo-Fencing- It is an excellent attendance marking solution for managing on-sight employees or multiple locations. It enables employees to mark their attendance within the predefined boundary. This attendance mechanism does not require any installation, unlike biometrics or RFID, and can be integrated into other essential components like payroll and leave management.

Facial recognition- Facial recognition based Attendance System is the revolutionary change accepted worldwide by companies as a touchless attendance module.

greytHR, known for its prompt reactions to ever-changing HR environment, has come up with "greytHR Visage", a safe and accurate attendance management mechanism. As a business, we realize the struggle to get back to normal operations while ensuring employee safety. This feature is designed to help companies create a safe workplace in the Post Pandemic Phase. Once the product is installed at the office premises to capture the attendance, it can be easily be integrated with payroll and other integral components.

Our facial recognition based attendance system offers several clear advantages like:

A low-cost method to capture attendance
Ensures hygiene and safety with touchless check-ins
Does not requires employees to carry RFID
Does not need any wiring installations
Can be configured to mobile or tablets
Plug and play if office locations are changed.

What are the must-have features of the Attendance Management System?

Clocking in and out- Any Attendance Management System's essential feature is to track the time-in, time-out, breaks, and absence from work accurately.
Payroll integration- The Attendance management systems should have the capability to integrate the payroll components seamlessly. This would help calculate the compensation and reconcile the leaves automatically.
Leave Management- Attendance management plays a vital role in managing the leaves of employees. A good attendance management software sends out a notification to the employee to apply for leave or regularize a case (such us missed log-in, half-day, etc.)
Reports and insights- Customized attendance reports and insights in an exportable format help management make data-driven decisions.
Employee self-service- The feature to check-in and check-out using the employee self-service portal provides the employees to mark attendance on the go.
Cloud and Mobile support- A cloud-based attendance system not only stores the data securely but also helps create a centralized data center for easy accessibility.

GreytHR offers a wide variety of attendance capture systems and a comprehensive suite for managing all attendance policies of companies. Get in touch with us to know more about our offerings.

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