Whether you’re turning a friendship into a romance or going on a date with someone you’ve only chatted with on a dating app, few things are as exciting yet nerve-wracking as a first date.

Choosing what to wear on a first date is a centuries-old conundrum. You want to ensure you find an outfit that tells them who you are and that shows off your best features. But you also need to consider what jewellery you’re going to wear to add that final touch.

Fortunately, help is at hand. We’ve taken inspiration from the collection at Jewel Tree London to curate our tips on choosing jewellery for your first date outfit.

1. Be yourself

As you’ll naturally feel nervous on your first date you want to ensure that the clothes and jewellery you choose reflect your personality and values. There’s no need to change your look - wear something that you are comfortable with. Perhaps that’s your go-to rose gold pendant necklace or your trusty birthstone ring.

2. Less is more

Always remember the golden rule of jewellery! There’s no need to drape yourself head to toe in jewellery. Select two or three pieces as a maximum. If you want to wear your statement gold vermeil necklace then pair it with a simple ring or pair of studs to look effortlessly chic.

3. Fashion or jewellery first?

Avoid wearing a flamboyant outfit with bold jewellery as you’ll probably startle your date. If you want to wear a statement outfit then keep your jewellery simple with some stylish stackable rings. But if you wear muted clothes you can spruce it up with some carefully-selected pieces, such as some personalised jewellery.

4. Choose soothing jewellery

Did you know that many types of gemstones that are used in jewellery have a soothing impact? Jewel Tree London has a wide range of gems that are understood to issue a feeling of calmness.

5. Accentuate your favourite features

When you choose your outfit you will make your selection based on what clothing flatters your shape. Jewellery is the same. Choose a gemstone that highlights your eyes, drop earrings that accentuate your cheekbones or a gold vermeil necklace that shows off your slender neck.

6. Dress for the venue

Consider where your date will take place and ensure that your choice of clothing suits the venue. The same goes for your jewellery. For a casual coffee date, leave your diamonds at home. Instead, wear a minimalistic rose gold pendant necklace.

7. Spark some conversation

First dates are often punctuated by awkward silences but you can rely on your jewellery to get you out of a pickle. Wear some personalised jewellery that your date won’t be able to resist quizzing you about or don a piece that you picked up on your travels. It’s an easy conversation starter.

8. Mind your make-up

If you favour a full-face of make-up then consider keeping your jewellery tamer. If you love a red lip or are donning your false eyelashes - try to keep your jewellery simple. A pair of stackable rings or a single cuff bracelet will do the trick.

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Established in 2016, Jewel Tree London is a Notting Hill-based premium jewellery brand that creates distinct jewellery designs in sterling silver with 18ct gold vermeil and semi-precious stones.