When a woman brought her teenage daughter to me for a massage she was unaware that I was reading her aura. This woman had her own agenda, her own beliefs and wasn’t about to let go of any of it not even for the 20 minute chair massage she wanted for her daughter.

“It feels different to me,” the young girl said, and intuitively knowing how this session was being perceived by these two individuals I said nothing, and they walked away after it was finished.

Nothing was gained, no insight, no new revelation and most of all no healing. It was strictly a one sided experience by two people who were searching for something that only they had the answers to.

There is a feel good experience with massage isn’t there? Once the energy is flowing again more freely physically though, it is just a matter of time before it becomes congested again, and why? Because being at dis-ease means there is a belief system behind it all creating the congestion in the first place.

When you choose your personal practitioner in essence you are choosing a guide, someone who has studied, learned and reached a level of awareness that can benefit you a great deal providing you are willing to open up to that greater reality that is actually an extension of you.

You must be willing to open up to what your practitioner has to offer you by asking just what that is without making your own assumptions and diagnoses. Moving out of your comfort zone is where your real treasure lies, and in choosing the right guide to assist you in finding it, you should understand more of what that is other than just your own perception.

As a patient your willingness to understand more awareness will give you more awareness and that is where the real transformation begins.

Author's Bio: 

Patricia Huff is an energy practitioner and author. She has written 5 books on the vital link between consciousness and healing, all which can be found at Amazon.com.
Patricia has been treating patients for over 10 yrs.