The choleric personality type makes up roughly 15% of the population. This article will discuss the strengths, weaknesses, how to recognize, and the most effective way to communicate with this personality type.
Choleric personality types are symbolized by the Red Shark because they are aggressive, competitive, and they will try to eat you alive if you approach them wrong.
Choleric personality types are often leaders of organizations, company CEO’s, or bosses, because they like giving orders and telling other people what to do, but they hate being told what to do.
They are your natural born leaders, but their level of personal growth will determine if they will be a good or bad leader.

Common Strengths
• Self-motivated
• Ambitious
• Action-taker
• Goal-oriented
• Competitive
• Independent
• Self-confident
• Productive
• Natural-born leaders
• Excels under pressure

Common Weaknesses

• Impatience
• Short tempered
• Arrogant and condescending
• Have huge egos sometimes to the point of megalomania
• Rude
• Manipulative
• Unsympathetic
• Argumentative and confrontational and often won’t give up even when losing
• Bossy
• It is often difficult for them to apologize

The Good, The Bad, &The Ugly
If danger is eminent, it is good to have a choleric personality around. They are your superheroes of the world and will rise to the occasion to overcome a difficult situation. They could be scared to death but they will not show it, because it will all be worth it to them when they receive the praise and accolades that they know are well deserved.
At their worst, they can end up being evil dictators, vicious crime lords, or stone cold killers. They can also be extremely insensitive in relationships. Red Sharks are more likely than any other personality type to end up single and lonely as they get older.
When doing business with a choleric personality get straight to the point. Do not beat around the bush, and appear weak and unsure or yourself. Show them the money and let them know exactly what they need to do to get the results that they desire.
How to Recognize a Choleric Personality
They tend to walk and talk at a faster pace. They almost seem like they are always in a hurry, because they do not want to waste precious time with unproductive activities.
The will drive the most expensive cars, and live in the most luxurious homes. They will also wear top of line designer clothes and jewelry. If they can’t afford the trappings of success, they will get the closest imitation that they can find.
Fortunately most people have a blend of the personality types, because if the world were full of Red Sharks, planet earth would probably have been blown up by now.
Understanding people using the four personality types will lead to more successful relationships in both your business, and personal life.
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