If you are going off and trusting you won't sit for days in a hotel - choose a cheap hotel rooms. At the exact same time, the question arises whether there's room telephone, TV, along with faucet - hot water. It is not bad with knowledge to select where and with what relaxation to reside in a different city.

Classification. The most common system in the world classification of resorts - from one to five stars. In every country has its own classification demands. For instance, in France, five-star hotel simply does not happen: taxes are too high for this luxury. This conflict with the tax sections of hotel owners chose to only - each downgraded its hotel unit, but should you want to be aware the higher level of service added to the stars"+" (plus). Currently, 4 means exactly the exact same 5 and the class of service and prices. In Britain, along with the stars of the classification of hotels can designate different symbols: the"crown","main","moon","Sun","diamonds", etc.. But additionally, it happens that the very first class support is very low, for example in the United States. Occurs and a distinctive classification for a specific hotel chain, for instance,"economy class", that speaks for itself.

Location. When choosing affordable hotel rooms is very important that you know just how far is resort from the international airport, the sea and the shore, can walk to get to the city centre. If you are traveling by car, it's better to pick a motel not far from the main street.

A view in the window of the space. This indicates an important detail when booking, however, for a commission and may be absent from the choice of cheap hotel rooms.

Capacity and conveniences. This includes the place, place and number of rooms, number of beds, equipment, furniture, etc..

Radio, TV - important areas of the equipment room, which certainly suggested in the outline of this hotel. A set of these facilities is contingent on the course rooms and the resort generally.

Hot water, bath or shower are usually almost every area. However, in the least expensive hotel rooms can only be installed washbasin and shared toilet and toilets are on the ground.

Air-conditioning in the area - an urgent demand in the country with warm climate. In certain hotels air-conditioned centrally managed.

Telephone room (using the city for a charge ) is usually available in every room.

Accessories. Hair dryer (discretionary in hotels 4 * and above), a glass of plain water, a stool or chair, desk, refrigerator, etc.. The purchase price of bed linen and towels, and a frequent procedure for cleaning showers and rooms glasses, garbage removal, etc. also are based on the type of hotel and discharge rates.

Mini-bar. Really expensive attribute of a hotel space. Mini-bar - a refrigerator with a camera below the primary and alert system.

Parking for cars. In the majority of states - it's the whole problem, and if the hotel does not have its own parking lot, then inquire beforehand, where you can park your vehicle and how much it will cost.

Safe. To avoid theft in hotels, it's best to use the hotel safe. Usually it is in the reception or right in the room.

Meals and Solutions. From the description of resort services necessarily indicate how you'll be fed and in what time. Also in the area usually on the desk is a sheet with the price list of further services. The higher the kind of hotel, the more additional services.

Conditions for leisure. Well sure the hotel has a gym, tennis courts and other sports facilitiesand sauna, outdoor or indoor swimming pool, Jacuzziand massage rooms, hairdressing.

We must also notice that some hotels have to create a particular deposit. It functions as insurance if using a mini-bar, or phone, you leave without paying. On departure from the hotel you are sure to return the deposit sum.

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