Many years ago, when my son was about eleven years old he started getting “growing pains” in his back and in his legs. We went to see our GP and he advised rest (difficult in a young child) and referred him for an ultrasound scan. The results of this showed nothing significant.

At the advice of the GP he further recommended that I take him to see a chiropractor. As my son was so young I was a little sceptical about him having this sort of treatment and didn’t know that they could treat children as well. Having tried him on the usual child painkiller medicine and having had some sessions of physiotherapy which neither of those options had worked well I began to consider it. Wanting to try something more natural than pain killers a friend of mine who also sees a chiropractor suggested seeing one too. So, I went on and found some amazing reviews for Lushington Chiropractic Clinic. I was surprised to learn that they could also treat babies too. Some adult back pain can be down to childhood issues and so be more aware of the stresses and strains put on young bodies as they grow and develop.

So, I made an appointment, he had the consultation and I was relieved to find out that there was something that they could do for him. After telling the chiropractor that the pains had started about eighteen months before I also explained that his pains got worse when he played football. Even sitting on the floor in assembly seemed to make things worse and when he started to miss time off school it was frustrating as he was in good health otherwise.

The chiropractor explained and discussed everything with me and he found that my son had stiff joints in the thoracolumbar area of the spine (relating to the thoracic and lumbar area of the spine/in the middle of the back). All the other tests that he did including orthopaedic and neurological tests showed completely normal results.

The chiropractor went on to explain that there had been gradual nerve irritation in the area.

The chiropractor suggested visiting read more information on this and other related subjects.
Gradually over the next following three months my son started to improve as he responded well to the gentle specific manipulation to the joints that were affected.
The chiropractor gave us lots of practical advice for everyday living around the home and at school for example. He also gave us great postural advice.

A very high percentage of school children carry too much weight in poorly designed bags, often on one shoulder – the most harmful way.

Carrying a very heavy bag for a long period of time on an immature spine could put future back problems at a greater risk. So, a well-designed school bag with a padded back panel, carried over both shoulders to equally distribute the weight is the best option and far more comfortable.

Amazingly after about three months my son had practically resumed normal activities and was pain free.

I was so grateful for the fantastic treatment that we received from Lushington Chiropractic that I’m passionate about spreading the word to other parents that may be experiencing the same problems with their children. “Growing pains” and not necessarily something that your child has to suffer from and just put up with.

If you have a history of back problems simple changes or check-ups at a chiropractors are worth considering so if you are interested in finding out more about chiropractic treatment, why not visit

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