The economic development of China in the 21st century has made it a leader in the world. Nations all over the world recognize the worth of the Chinese education sector nowadays. Also, the economic growth of the country has helped it to announce many scholarships for foreign students in leading Chinese Universities. Students all around the world come to China for studying Chinese History and Culture, Information Technology, Medicines, Engineering, Space, and International economic trade. This is because Chinese higher education system had gone through many revolutionary changes since 1980’s.

You would be glad to know that China is ranked at number three among the top study destinations in the world. This is mainly because Chinese government has increased its educational budget and now China also offers a wide range of scholarships to the foreign students. The flagship Chinese Scholarship is CSC Scholarship which is sponsored by China Scholarship Council followed by the Chinese Provincial Government Scholarships for international talent. International students may apply for these scholarship by submitting documents accompanied by scholarship essay. Another reason of this increasing number of students in China is that almost 10 Chinese Universities are included in top 100 universities of the world. This international ranking of universities also confirms the third position of China after America and United Kingdom. If the trend continues, China will out pass United Kingdom in 2020 as the second largest country with accommodating foreign students.

Why Study in China?

Growth of educational sector in China and increase in number of scholarships by the government has made it a study destination in the world. Students from all countries of the world come to China for higher education in different fields of life. Different students give different reasons for choosing Chinese Universities for higher education. Following are the top reasons why students, nowadays, prefer studying in China than in any other part of the world.


The very first reason behind the interest of most students who intend to study in China is that higher education in China is quite affordable. Accommodation, transportation, and tuition fees in China are minimal that anyone can afford. Even studying in China is cheaper than studying in any other Asian country.

2-5000 Years Old Culture and History

China is the most populous country in the world and has 5000 years old history and culture. Most of the students come here for higher studies because they have liking for Chinese culture and history. Chinese culture is an odd but beautiful blend of both old and modern civilizations. There are also various kinds of lands and seasons that cast a magic spell on the students and visitors. The ancient Great Wall of China and modern architecture in Beijing and Shanghai are an epitome of Chinese success over the years. There are many students who come to China for exploring this old culture and civilization and write thesis on it.

3-World Top Universities

The next reason for China being selected as a study destination by many students is that there are more than 2000 colleges and universities that are imparting quality higher education. More than 10 Chinese Universities are among the list of top 100 universities of the world. Nowadays, China has started special English language courses to attract the western world.

4-Scholarship Opportunities

China is also preferred as the best study destination around the world because Chinese government and Universities are offering innumerable scholarships to the foreign students. Chinese government has increased the educational budget from $250bn to $460bn for accommodating more international students and becoming the third largest study destination on this planet. There are certain fully funded programs offered by many governmental and private sector universities.

5-Learning with Earning

Another reason why students all over the world intend to study in China is that there is no ban on employment. This means that you can easily get employment if you know a little bit Chinese language. Learning with earning is difficult but helps the students to pay back the educational expenses. China is the fastest growing economy of the world and there are thousands of employment opportunities for the foreigners to get employed.

6-International Quality Education

One of the greatest reasons for the students’ attraction towards studying in China is that Chinese institutions are imparting international quality education that can help the students face the challenges of the world. About 289 Chinese Universities are allowed to enroll the students from all over the world. These universities are offering graduate and postgraduate programs in various disciplines through governmental scholarships.
Number of International Students in Chinese Institutions

The number of international students in Chinese Universities is increasing 10% annually. Last year, there were 489,200 students from 204 countries studying in Chinese Universities. 90% of these students were self funded while 10% were given admission on scholarship scheme. The maximum fee for undergraduate programs remains between 50,000 Yuan to 100,000 Yuan. Here, it is important to mention that a fee for each program varies for different disciplines.

Ten Reasons to Study in China

Following are the top ten reasons for studying in China.

· There are large number of universities and colleges that are allowed to enroll international students.

· Higher education in China is cheaper as compared to America, United Kingdom, and even many Asian countries. This is because residence, transport, and tuition fees in China are lower than other countries.

· Chinese culture is 5000 years old and many philosophers come here to study the Chinese culture and traditions and complete their research work.

· Students come here for studying because China has become world’s economic giant and is offering many scholarship opportunities for international students.

· China is the most populous country and, therefore, the speakers of Chinese language are great in numbers. Students come here to learn this language to benefit the intellectuality of the Chinese scholars.

· Degrees offered by Chinese Universities are internationally recognized and the students can seek jobs in any country of the world.

· China provides an opportunity to the students to learn with earn and the students can perform various jobs to support their studies.

· Chinese government and people give much importance to natural environment and environmental management is being taught in many Chinese universities. Studying environmental management is necessary to keep the environment clean and healthy.

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