Many parents have the tough decision of whether or not to place their children in a daycare facility. I had my daughter almost 2 years ago and it was the hardest decision me and my husband had to make. My daughter was in the hospital for a month and when she got out I made the decision to be a stay at home mom. Well the financial issues began to be too much for my husband so I decided to get a job. I originally wanted a part time job but I was offered a full time job. I placed my baby in a home daycare at 3 months. She went until she turned one when I noticed she was falling behind.
We decided to try a daycare facility after about 2 long weeks of thinking. We took time and went to the potential daycare many times and talked with the staff. I was given a schedule of the day, lesson activities for the week, and much more.

I waited until the Monday after her first birthday to take her. That was the hardest thing I think I have ever had to do. She did not want to stay and she screamed and held on to my leg. I reassured her that mommy and daddy would be back and gave her a hug and a kiss.

She had to be in the infant room because she was still crawling at 12 months. That night she got sick and had to stay out a week. So the following Monday happened just like the last. As I left, the director told me she would be fine and she just needed to readjust.

She also noticed she wasn't walking and told me my baby would be walking by the end of the week. Each day I could see my baby making progress toward walking, and Friday evening when I got to the daycare SHE WALKED TO ME!!!!

My daughter has learned and thrived so much in the daycare facility. She is around other kids her age and she is learning new skills everyday. She is now 20 months and she can count to ten (skipping 3 and 5), she can point out certain colors, she knows her name, and she talks better than anyone I have seen. I think that placing her in the daycare facility was the best thing. The quality of her daycare is outstanding with no ParentsNeed.

I love how the teachers interact with the children and all the teachers know every child there. The parents are ALWAYS notified if anything is wrong. They have parent's day, may day, and other little activities for the whole family to get involved. I would refer any local parent to this daycare. My daughter even enjoys day care, if I pick her up early she gets mad. She tells my bye every morning and to see the smile on her face when we get to the daycare reassures me that everything is going fine. I will continue to send my baby to this daycare

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