This shop was started in Valais, built by a young woman who, as you may be, was bored of always obtaining the same things in store. She was looking ahead to her holiday away to shop and get the chunks she couldn't get online.

Consequently, the Cherry flower boutique was started by her disappointment at not getting an inspirational online boutique in Switzerland, near to its clients, and gives new and unique items like tops and t-shirts. You can find some of the trendy t-shirts here to get a proper fashionable look.

Cherry Flower's Products

At Cherry flower, they assure the pleasure of each person who moves by here, by giving them quality and correctly picked clothes. Satisfaction, which they believe is spreading, is displayed in this store.

Note: As their boutique is a recent start-up, it does not own its composition workshops, so they call on and operate with outside suppliers.

Pro Tip: Despite being a youthful organization in an atmosphere as large as that of style, suppliers like to be transparent about their products' source and work to enhance their environmental track.

They trade many products like tops and t-shirts, accessories, gifts, etc. Let's have a look at their products.

Tops And T-shirts

Tops are so useful in summer and can be worn with everything: a dress, shorts, jeans. Add a gorgeous handbag and some accessories to your outfit, and you are suitable to go.

Note: Tops, as well as T-shirts, can be worn without anything in summer, below a denim or leather blazer, under a thick cardigan in winter or below a perfecto. With high-waisted pants, beloved jeans, shorts, or a dress, the reasonable combinations are eternal.

Pro Tip: Wear your message T-shirt under a blazer with high-waisted pants and attach some jewelry. Tops to join at the front or lace-up at the back are also super stylish to wear with lover jeans and sneakers.


The pants are a flagship item of our wardrobe and are worn every day, both at work and for moving out. Every morphology has its pants, but we sometimes manage, we ladies, to want to stay in the standard when so many choices are accessible to us!

Note: At Cherry Flower, you love the faux leather leggings to wear under an oversized sweater or a skirt or the faux leather pants for a fashionable look.

Pro Tip: The faux skin pants are timeless items to have in your closet, essential items that will enable you to build beautiful and soft looks, even with a set of sneakers.

You also like suspender pants to wear with a short turtleneck, a message T-shirt, or a crop top for a hot look.

Why Choose Cherry Flower?

Because Cherry Flower is not just a Swiss online clothing shop but also a growing area of fashion lovers, we wanted to thank our most faithful Cherries by giving them our fashion outfits at advantageous costs.

Note: If their outfits make you happy and you like to share the pictures of your latest shopping, connect with Cherries by becoming one of their representatives!

Take benefit from a permanent decrease in their whole collection of clothes, accessories, and many other advantages. Register now by filling out the form.

Visit the onlineshop and take a look at their amazing collection!

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