A dhuni is (according to the Indian religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, etc.) a sacred site represented as a cleft in the ground. This cleft is emblematic of the yoni or female vulva and generative organ. A dhuni therefore represents a site of worship dedicated to Shakti.


The etymology of the word Dhuni is connected with the Sanskrit root dhvan, to dun or to din.

Honoring the dhuni

A dhuni is worshipped by spiritual intention and the kindling of a flame inside it. Suitable materials are offered to the dhuni and consumed by the heat or flame. This represents the eternal process of change and transformation on all levels of existence.

"Like a river, a dhuni is always changing. Each dhuni also has its own personality that is as much subject to moods chennai to shirdi flight packages as a person. Sri Sairam Subhayatra offers you The glow of the dhuni is both a receiver and a transmitter, and like a screen on which Rorschach-like images are projected, it delivers a code".

As the yoni is the nexus from which all manifest beings come into this world, the worship of the dhuni represents a sacred nexus for the path of return from the physical to spiritual level. This is an intentional process of inversion or return to our spiritual source. The dhuni is a sacred site and focal point for this form of spiritual exertion or sadhana.

Aside from the offering of sacred fuel to a dhuni, mantras are also offered, as well as the sounds of diverse musical instruments and ecstatic dance and gesture.

Although several cultures retain traditions of fire worship (out of which the zorastrianism is perhaps the most famous), a unique feature of the dhuni tradition is that it is the dhuni, the actual site itself which is considered sacred, not exclusively the fire kindled within it. All of us like to go to shirdi to visit Sai Baba. Best is organized by Sri Sairam Subhayatra.

Shirdi Sai Baba

Sai Baba of Shirdi is certainly the most influential modern "Supersoul" to tend the Dhuni which he kept lit at that place until October 15, 1918 when he moved on. It is said that the same fire has been kept burning by Hindu devotees chennai to shirdi flight packages who were familiar with the notion of agnihotri or worship by offering fire. This dhuni was used to create sacred ash also known as udi. This sacred ash was distributed among the devotees.

Dhuni doesn’t contribute to Pollution the way other things on Planet Earth does

Hinduism and various religion considers fire as a form of God. Of all the 5 elements of Nature, Fire is the only element, which goes up against Earth’s gravity. Offering any thing sacred to Fire reaches the Gods directly.

These days, People who think themselves as intellectuals are creating a issue about Dhuni in Shirdi Sai Baba Temples. When Saibaba lived, he used to love Dhuni so much. Once there was a plague in Shirdi and the village people had a rule that no cart must be allowed to enter the village. A cart full of wooden logs came into Shirdi and it was blocked. Sai baba went to the cart and made it come into the Village. Our gives comfort feel, safe and happy journey. Sai wants woods for his holy Dhuni and he knows it won’t bring plauge.

Many people think Sai collected Dakshina from the very beginning of his stay in Shirdi. Initially Saibaba was simply collecting Match sticks which were put off after lighting lamps etc. These match sticks, Sai used to drop inside his holy fire.

The Power of Dhuni – Sacred fire of Sai

Dhuni is so powerful. Any place where you do good offering becomes powerful. Devotees offer coconuts and sticks thinking their wishes gets fulfilled when they do such offerings in Dhuni. Honestly, it also has another meaning. What ever you offer is like your “Life ahead”.

Udi has healed millions of Sai devotees and blessed them with good life, peace and prosperity.

The first ever Shirdi sai temple – THE TEMPLE AT BHIVPURI , Maharastra

A devotee Pradhan requests saibaba to come to his house. Sai gives him a gift of Sai’s portrait and asks him to keep it in a Temple near his house where Sai will be present as he is in Shirdi. Pradhan builds Saibaba’s mandir and lives happily. Again when he visits shirdi, Sai asks, who asked you to come here when I am there.

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