The so-called American football, outside the US territory, refers to the sports discipline better known as football in the United States, where it differs from the practice originated from football due to certain characteristics of American football.

His practice is mainly limited to the territory of North America, with special attention to the United States and Canada, where the main leagues of the discipline and a great social pastime are located.

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Historical evolution

The football is an activity of contact in which two teams try to move the ball to the zone of annotation, or kick him between the posts. The attacking team has four, 1 attempts the downs to exceed ten yards that are nine meters.

When he succeeds, then he has another four attempts to move, in the same way, another ten meters. Each attempt will allow the player to run forward and ends when the opposing team hits the ball carrier or the ball falls.

As was mentioned above, the memories of this deport to - American, is the result of a derivative of rugby and football, in the middle of this context.

It was the middle of the century XIX when Walter Camp, who was a founder of sport and also the instructor of football American, formalized this activity and was considered as the "Father of the Football Americano". Without a doubt, he was the most emblematic figure in this specific sport.

t is a game of strong mechanical contact between the different players. Players in the field of football are composed of eleven players each team, as in football Europeo. Sin but you can play with even up to 45 rotating players, these are exchanged to cover the eleven reglametarias positions in the field of play.

Characteristics of American Football players

The matches can be played in an open field, or their defect in closed stadiums, although open fields are generally used for elite competitions important championships. The dimensions of the court that are stipulated in the regulations indicate that these will be 109.7 meters x 48.8 meters based on a rectangular surface.

Like the characteristics in which the players face on the court, it is of utmost importance to establish the minimum instruments required for the dispute of a football match.

In this sense, in part the safety features of this sport of strong impact that, unlike rugby, such as a helmet, shoulder pads, shin guards and gloves, in addition to the oral and suspensory guard, a necessity for all strong contact sports.

On the other hand, we can say that the duration of professional and university meetings generally equals 1 hour of play, divided into 4 rooms of 15 minutes each. Although the coincidences can be seen slightly extended due to the requirements of the current coincidences or characteristics.

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