Channelling is in essence the provision of a bridge between a client and beings residing on higher realms, or levels of consciousness. These beings, spiritual guides, angels, ascended masters and others are often contacted by the individuals performing the channelled readings through entering a meditative or trance-like state. The messages transmitted via the channelling reader are usually designed to provide a person with a deeper insight into themselves, a situation or circumstances and centre on the person's life purpose, past lives, healing issues, spiritual growth of the individual and also more specific questions.

Some of the questions that can be answered through channelled readings include questions on relationship matters. A reading can, for instance, explain what to learn from a relationship, or how to achieve the most fulfilling relationships. A person's purpose in life, a specific focus in life they have or should have at present, or how to find the right kind of work to suit their purpose, unique passions, talents or skills is another area in which channelled readings can assist, as are questions regarding the financial situation of a person.

In short, channelled readings are able to provide insights, guidance and information on basically every aspect of a client's life. How a reader will provide a reading depends on the reader, the client and the circumstances. A reader may simply enter a light meditative state to create the telepathic connections to the beings offering information, or he or she may enter into a trance. Sometimes channelled readings take place face to face, sometimes they are done remotely, with the reader forwarding the information they have received via tape, CD or written material.

In any case, information will be provided and forwarded with love and care, respect and thoughtfulness. Channelled readings are often particularly helpful when a person is stuck, confused or indecisive about something in their life and needs greater insight into which path they should take to resolve or improve a situation; when the individual seeking a reading feels he or she has a purpose, but is unsure what this purpose is or how to achieve it, or if a person has dreams and aspirations and needs to know how to turn these dreams into reality.

Whatever the reason for seeking answers may be, neither the beings providing information nor the reader channelling it will place any kind of judgment onto the client or the information transmitted. One thing is for sure; the answers provided will always be honest, free from bias and may at times not be what the client wants to hear. It is up to the client to take the information they have been provided with, interpret it and judge how relevant it is to their situation or question and what they should do with it.

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