There is a ‘test’ that is currently playing out on Earth is the ‘Ascended Future You’ asking us whether we are ready to step deeper into the process of ascension. It is something that happens to all when going through ascension. The only difference today is that it is happening to all of humanity at the same time. This is the test: can you unify with your future, for that is what you create. Be pensive and intuitive with that question and especially with understanding the answer that you must give yourself. The prison breaks when you choose differently enough so it makes you act differently enough to therefore create differently.

No longer can these walls between organizations and Humans, made up so often via financial systems and economical systems, continue to exist for it is not a pattern of the Law of One or the Law of Unification. When one wants to unify, take a look at the financial system. It is within this system that we can break down the first wall. None of you listening to this communication right now, is in love, in joy, in freedom, in truth and in life, with money; for you fear it, you seek to gain it, and you are ashamed of that search, and you blame others for that search.

Come together as a group. Spread it out far and wide and create between yourselves a financial flow of abundance. In other words, Creators, I implore you – challenge you (us) – to set up a new method, a new way, using the same old energy of finances and money that we have set up in the past, but in a new energy way, in a unity way, and let us start projecting that system out into the world.

It does not require that we change the way we work with money, It only requires that we open up the way we work with money and see it as an energy flow between you,us, and everyone else. If it flows continuously from you and to you, then you will become a vessel for this energy to manifest itself once more, as it should be, as it was – as a representation of the unity, not the separation that exists between all of us.
Come up with ideas and ways that will allow ALL of us, ALL of you, eventually hundreds of thousands of us, to exist in abundance with the amount of finance that is available to all of us at the same time. Oh, do you see how easy it is to crack the system?
So, become the words that have just been spoken. Make them your own and change the world in which we live. The only thing that is required is to give up fear. Give up the fear that surrounds the energy of finances – and whatever energy you want to see change – and watch as we become One being. As all as all of Gaian, and as all of Humanity, takes action in generating a new type of flow between everyone, a flow that can no longer be controlled by a mechanism, you will see what eventually replaces the fear-based existence you call daily life. It’s as simple as that.

It must begin with the financial system for it is indeed the financial system that creates the warped vision of all of these others. This indeed, Humanity, is our biggest fear – money or lack thereof – and this fear has crept into all of our systems; for instance, housing, education, health… these fundamental kind of issues for Humanity. It also crept into our vision of community; how we no longer look around us, how we no longer look to our neighbor in so many cases. What else do you think could separate us that much if it wasn’t for money?

Change that system – which is something all of we can do individually and together – change our approach to things and watch the world unfold, blossom and change to such an extent that we will no longer recognize it as planet Earth. That is the power that lies within reclaiming the energy of the financial system, and that is why everyone is so afraid of it, and that is why everyone wants it, and that is why a very small handful have it and keep it. But, it is not up to this small handful to start the flow. It is up to us because money, like everything else on Earth, is holographic energy.

There isn’t a limited amount of money, but that is not the way we are made to perceive it. With the money that is circulating within the poorer realms of Earth right now alone, the entire world financial system can be changed. As we move from the galactic into the universal underworld this is the type of thinking that is becoming available to Humanity, the Gaians, once again. It is not just us here sitting and talking that come up with this brilliant idea. It belongs to the galaxy itself: a holographic society as has been talked about for quite some time.
My colleague CHADD and I are owners of the Institute of Biostimulation through Light and Sound located in Orlando, Florida 32835. Now! Money comes and goes God created us and let us smiles, laugh or cry. In other words of wisdom you and CHADD & VIE have FREEWILL. Let FREEDOM ring like the division bell draws a ring for parliament

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