Millions upon millions are going through life crawling upon their hands and knees, defeated and dejected. Many people wail in poverty and wonder if there could be some magic formula that can be employed to extricate them from the entanglement of lack. As they search for the truth sometimes they get exposed to the teaching which says that lack is a tag of spiritual supremacy consistent with the teachings of the bible. Nothing can be further from the truth! To emerge from the deep mire of lack to the sunlit path of abundance no magical genie is required, only a change of mindset or belief system is the key that can unlock the door that leads to prosperity and abundance in life.

To change your circumstances you need to alter the way you look at things as that culminates in a change in your belief system. Several years ago I worked with a very nice lady who believed that all can't be health, all can't be happy and all can't be wealthy. Bad as it may sound, the most disheartening part was her strong belief that she was part of the lot that "can't be." What a skewed way of thinking! That is stinking thinking. How can you hold on to that kind of belief? What was even more dispiriting was that she had all the credentials for being somebody. She could do her job well and with excellence. Because of her belief she finally followed a path that led her to shrink to a grain of sand.

Every human being possesses one of two frames of mind - A lack mentality and an abundance mentality. Should you take time to canvass your system you will discover the side of the spectrum to which you belong. As your mindset is framed so will you always experience. People with a mentality of lack can never imagine good things gravitating towards them and so can never enjoy the good things life has to offer. You do not lack good things because the doors of opportunity are shut before you. Instead the tide of opportunity is blowing all the time and it is only people with a different believe system who seize the opportunities as they present themselves to them. People are not poor because there is not enough to go around. People are poor because they possess a lack mentality and that has gripped their belief system.

We need to understand that there is enough for everyone to enjoy without violating the rights of anybody. Robbers are of the belief that in order to acquire anything you should deprive someone who already has it notwithstanding you can create your own. It is only a lack mentality that is responsible for strife, hate and jealous. The moment you get to understand that the universe has enough for everyone you stop envying those who have and start looking for ways to create your own or tap from the universe.

Whether you were raised in lack or affluence you will notice that a propensity to believe in lack is predominant in your system. Many people literally feel more comfortable in lack than in affluence, which is the best of reasons why many cannot handle success. When they are in lack they behave but when some dollars trickle down their hands, they behave in a manner that is repugnant to our sense of decency.

You need to fight with yourself to overcome this lack mentality ingrained in your belief system. Start to see things through a different perspective. It is not easy to maintain thoughts of happiness when surrounded by sorrow and misery. It is not simple to uphold thoughts of abundance when surrounded by lack and poverty. That ability to sustain a positive mental image in the face of negativity is what differentiates the successful from the failing, the poor from the rich and the optimistic from the pessimistic. What you are seeing is one thing and what you choose to believe is another. Mould your belief system to always believe in abundance. Never allow yourself to believe in lack. Even if you are faced with a prospect of lack, refuse to believe it. I am not talking of living in denial here but living a life that believes in abundance. The same way models for rags-to-riches stories of self-made men and women refused to believe in their poor circumstances and rose above mediocrity, is the same way you should shake off the flair of failure. If you are broke today, the truth of the matter is that broke is a state of your pocket and that is temporary but poverty is a state of the mind.

If the lack mentality seems to be taking care of you, it might be necessary to do things that will alter it. Go and buy luxurious items if there is need. Spend that little money you are trying to hold on to if necessary. Remember, the object is not to be extravagant but to conquer a belief system. Beat it into submission and raise a belief system of super-abundance in your life!

Ozias Mucheriwa is a motivational speaker and writer. He writes from his website and can be contacted on or skype: ozymucheri

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Ozias is a motivational speaker and writer who specializes in self-development. His personal ambition to develop himself into a better person emotionally, mentally and spiritually has led him to become a life long student and teacher of self-development. Ozias conducts some motivational seminars with his main focus being Self-development, Success and Motivation.