Pakistan cricket team has always been under steaming arguments whether it’s because of the way they perform or the way they take pictures or when it comes to their fitness. Many of our long term favourite players from the team have disappointed us big time but sometimes the new talent has surprised us big time.In the mid of 2019 Sarfarz was removed from the team’s international captaincy and replaced by the veteran player Azhar Ali. which resulted in a great backlash from the cricket fans. The PCB and its criteria was largely criticized. Azhar Ali was selected as the test captain and Babar Azam as the T20 captain. It was also said by some sources that the Prime Minister Imran Khan wanted the veteran player to stick to the test captaincy.

Announcement of the squad:

When the squad was announced Sarfraz’s name did appear in the team members list but the cricket lovers did not see him play during the recent test matches against. On the other hand Azhar Ali has led the team to a number of victories such as the test series against Srilanka and Bangladesh. But recently the team lost against Australia and England in the test series.Coming to Babar Azam, under his captaincy the team has shown a mixed result. Babar stated on his selection that he wants to adopt the PM’s style of captaincy. Where Misbah ul Haq has appreciated Babar Azam for his capability to deal with the expectations , Muhammad Hafeez has schooled him to reorder his batting list and that babar should play in the midline which will help him improve his skills.
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Under Sarfraz Ahmed’s captaincy the team has faced a few failures but majorly the team has shone brightly. Still his leadership has been under question by many. But he has also been one of the favourites. Despite the fact that Sarfraz is loved by millions and people did react to him not being the captain and not playing, Sarfraz had congratulated both the captains on their selection and wished them luck.


Every sport holds a special place in this world. People from around the globe celebrate, praise, follow, love and cherish a number of sports. Some of them become international and some gain national appreciation. Just like cricket, hockey, football, tennis, car racing, horse riding, bull fighting, badminton, marathons, boxing, etc; Snooker is a well known global sport. In Pakistan a great majority of youngsters and middle aged men are indulged in it. But on the contrary a majority of parents have a negative perspective of the game.

Negative Perception Of The Sport:

A large number of small and cheap snooker clubs can be found anywhere in Pakistan in almost every city of the country. Each and every club accommodates a great number of players. The majority of people who play here have no knowledge of the actual game and play on because of entertainment. Such clubs also promote gambling over the shots and frames.But despite this, there are some reputed clubs with proper coaching systems and honour for the game. They keep the game clean. As stated above the image of the game has majorly been distorted as a bad impact on the youngsters and this only because of the small club owners and their biddings, the smoking and drinking, violent atmosphere.

The Level Of International Snooker:

If we take a look at International Snooker we get to see an eye opening image of it, the realizations hit that the game is anything but bad or ordinary, it is all about poise, sportsmanship, gentlemanship, grace, class and what not. Locally tournaments in the cities are held which help promote the sport. A few professionals exist and coach young people who really want to learn the strategies of the game honestly. In the past few years the clubs have improved their environment, allowing only decent people to play with no illegal activities and avoidance towards gamble, providing a hazard free surrounding to keep up the sportsman spirit.In our country the players are not well appreciated regardless of the sport they belong to. Many professionals after retirement are seen in heart wrenching conditions and no help from the government. Which makes it even more difficult for a snooker professional to survive. The injustice can be seen when the clubs were not given any permission of being open even after the lockdown was lifted for almost every other setup.For more updates stay connected to opnsportlivestreaming. Let us raise the standards for Snooker in Pakistan as it has always been a gentleman's game, and it will continue to be, We need to honour the game and give it the appreciation it deserves.


Hockey is the national sport of Pakistan. Pakistan has a history of winning the first three Asian Cup Championships.The current hockey team is coached by Khwaja Junaid under the captaincy of Muhammad Rizwan. Even after being the national sport, it has become more of a forgotten treasure. Years ago when cricket and hockey were both loved by the fans but now hockey has become nothing but a mere disappointment. For the past 20 years the hockey team has failed to win any title to its name.It has now been removed from the educational institutes and fails to attract the limelight as taken by cricket.

1994, the glorious year:

The Pakistan Hockey team has bagged a number of titles over the years. But in 1994 they did wonders. The team managed to regain the Champions Trophy after 24 years. They won the World cup in the same year.

Downfall Of Pakistan Hockey Team:

Pakistan’s Hockey team has gradually moved towards its downfall, it was a slow process and happened over a course of years. In 2013, the team under the coaching of Hanif Khan won a gold medal at the Asia Cup Championship and a bronze medal at the Champions Trophy. This raised the expectations of the fans. The coach was convinced that these tournaments had provided great exposure to the players. But unfortunately in 2014, the team could not make it to the Hockey World Cup. Many hearts were shattered and left the die hard fans teary eyed. This endangered the international ranking of the team. In 2015 again the team continued to break hearts as they couldn't qualify for the Olympics. In 2016 the head coach Shehnaz Sheikh blamed the government that they didn't take the Rio Olympics seriously as the uniforms had poor finishing and the team’s appearance was neglected. Again in 2018, the team's performance in the World Cup depressed the fans. This disheartened the fans very much. To stay updated about the game tune into Currently, hockey is fading away as a national sport and has become a lesser known game due to which finding young and energetic talent has become difficult. This has put at stake the future of Pakistan hockey team.

Pakistan cricket team has always been under limelight for various reasons. There was a time when Pakistan was homeground to some major ICC tournaments. This country is the land to many crazy cricket fans. But for a long period of time the fans have been deprived of international cricket tournaments because of a terrorist attack on the Sri Lanka cricket team in 2009. A bus with the Sri Lanka cricket team was travelling near Gaddafi Stadium, Lahore. 6 players were wounded along with afew gunmen. 2 civilians were killed. After a gap of about 10 years the Sri lanka team in 2019 stated that they will visit Pakistan for a two match test series, marking the return of international cricket in the country. Warren Deutrum also promised that the Ireland cricket team will also help in the reintegration of cricket in Pakistan.

2015 Zimbabwe

In 2015, after 6 years of the terrorist attack on the cricket team of Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe cricket team initiated to bring international cricket back to pakistan. This was a breath of fresh air for all the cricket fans. Alongside men’s cricket the women’s cricket also found its way back to the country.

2017 PSL Gamble

In 2017, Pakistan Super league was announced with majority international players visiting Pakistan to play. This was big after 2009 and also nothing less than a gamble. But the increased number of attacks made it questionableThe flying-in of the international players was endangered. But at the end every player had enjoyed the Paksitani ground and cricket rose out of isolation becoming the ultimate winner. In the same year Sri lanka cricket team returned to Pakistan. Pakistan was now once again open for international cricket.

Again this year the cricket team of Zimbabwe will be visiting Pakistan. For more information stay tuned to opn sports live streaming cricket. A three match one day will take place between Pakistan and Zimbabwe which will be followed by a T20 series. The Zimbabwe cricket team is expected to visit in October-November of this year. These series will also help in the qualification of the Pakistan cricket team in Men’s Cricket World Cup, The series will help establish a positive and secure image of Pakistan.

Pakistan is a die hard crazy cricket fanatic country. Every street holds some local cricket stars. The country has always hardly loved its national team players and also at times bashed them real bad when needed. Recently ICC has mentioned 5 names that they think are to be considered for playing in the Pakistan cricket team in the ICC test series. Following are the key names:

Babar Azam:

Full name Mohammad Babar Azam
Born October 15, 1994, Lahore, Punjab
Current age 25 years 344 days
Playing role Batsman
Batting style Right-hand bat
Bowling style Right-arm offbreak
Test Matches 29
Inns 53
NO 8
Runs 2045
HS 143
Avg 45.44
BF 3622
SR 56.46
100 5
50 15
4s 239
6s 10
Ct 20
St 0
According to ICC Babar Azam has the potential to perform well, learn from his experience and his seniors believe he can act according to the situations.

Wahab Riaz
Born June 28, 1985, Lahore, Punjab
Current age 35 years 87 days
Playing role Bowler
Batting style Right-hand bat
Bowling style Left-arm fast
Test Matches 27
Inns 41
NO 5
Runs 306
HS 39
Avg 8.50
BF 727
SR 42.09
100 0
50 0
4s 32
6s 5
Ct 5
St 0
Balls 5018
Wkts 83
Wahab Riaz is returning to the test series this season. According to ICC he could become an important member in bowling. His left arm angle and unique bowling techniques may impress the selectors.

Born June 1, 1992, Peshawar, North-West Frontier Province
Current age 28 years 114 days
Playing role Wicketkeeper batsman
Batting style Right-hand bat
Fielding position Wicketkeeper
Test Matches 9
Inns 13
NO 2
Runs 386
HS 95
Avg 35.09
BF 699
SR 55.22
100 0
50 3
4s 41
6s 1
Ct 22
St 1
According to Shane Warne, Rizwan could be the team’s specialist batsman.

Naseem Shah
Born February 15, 2003
Current age 17 years 221 days
Playing role Bowler
Batting style Right-hand bat
Bowling style Right-arm fast
Test Matches 7
Inns 8
NO 3
Runs 15
HS 7
Avg 3.00
BF 51
SR 29.41
100 0
50 0
4s 2
6s 0
Ct 0
St 0
Balls 967
Wkts 16
Naseem shah has impressed every eye with his pace and skills stated Azhar Ali. ICC states he will be quite a challenge to all.

Shadab Khan
Born October 4, 1998, Mianwali
Current age 21 years 355 days
Playing role Allrounder
Batting style Right-hand bat
Bowling style Legbreak
Test Matches 6
Inns 11
NO 2
Runs 300
HS 56
Avg 33.33
BF 479
SR 62.63
100 0
50 3
4s 38
6s 0
Ct 3
St 0
Balls 954
Wkts 14
ICC states that Shadab has already done a marvellous job and will be eager to improve himself and his game.

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